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Should deads be auto muted?

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  2. No

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  1. Falcon

    Falcon The Mightiest Bird

    Recently a player named Dipper Pines has been mic spamming, and he has been rejoining to get unmuted and continue to mic spam. Honestly it's been annoying, but that's for a different report. The problem is speaking while dead. (I know the irony, but let's be serious for this.) It's completely useless unless the voice is coming from a mod/admin. It doesn't serve anything positive unless the one or two regulars inform people about rules while dead, but it's still bad by comparison.

    Let me get to the point. There needs to be a fix where if you rejoin the server you're automatically muted no matter if a mod unmutes dead. This literally replaces muting deads and any problems involving deads speaking. It's seriously been a problem and it doesn't seem so hard to just fix the servers to auto mute regular players (Non-Staff) that are dead. (Well it sounds easy to me because you can already mute deads so having a fix that basically mutes deads forever sounds easy to me.)

    If deads were automatically muted it'd solve so many problems including mic spamming, ghosting, etc.
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  2. Mango Puree

    Mango Puree Well-Known Member

    Deads are automuted but if you leave then rejoin you get unmuted so that should be fixed.

    Otherwise, I fully agree.

    Also they can ghost in chat so it's more of a mute and gag, but then again they can't talk about being freekilled then.
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  3. Kenny Omega

    Kenny Omega Well-Known Member Former Staff

    its pretty annoying when someone leaves and rejoins just to complain about how they got killed, so yeah it should be
  4. Festive Michael Rosen
    Dr Schlong

    Festive Michael Rosen Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    I think most everyone agrees this should be a thing. Deads yelling over mic about how "Wahh, I got freekilled for not following orders" is annoying and frankly I'm sick of dealing with them. Moderators and admins should be the ONLY ones able to talk while dead, under any circumstances, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. You got my support.
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  5. Kimmel

    Kimmel Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    I think there are times when it is necessary for deads to talk on the mic if other blus don't know what it going on, but this should only be used when a mod or an admin is not available.
  6. Kenny Omega

    Kenny Omega Well-Known Member Former Staff

    deads can use chat when they need to inform other blues, blues gotta pay attention to chat anyway
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  7. King Cunt (Maiev iZtrale)

    King Cunt (Maiev iZtrale) Well-Known Member

    The problem for them to exit and come back is they cant be noticed by the blue team, since most of the blues dont look at the chat unless its asking about what games to play..
    But stubborn kids use the mic to ghost or basically be a huge dick.. So I support this thread.
  8. Festive Michael Rosen
    Dr Schlong

    Festive Michael Rosen Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    But in the process they are breaking a rule themselves, being very hypocritical in the process
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  9. wing

    wing Administrator Staff Member Owner

    I have some knowledge of coding but I do not code this jailbreak plugin somebody else does.

    The bugs you have pointed out cannot be fixed to my knowledge with another plugin available on sourcemod. This change would require probably the jailbreak plugin to be modified to accomplish this feature. The plugin would have to watch for each player joining and mute them until the next round.

    The best way to get this new feature is just to write it yourself. You would fork your own copy of the jailbreak code get it working then submit a pull request and upload the working code to the plugin. After some time it would be added by the maintainer. This takes a lot of skill to script these plugins. Feel free to start here

    You might politely suggest the 'issue' over at the or ask if anybody else has a solution on

    Without a plugin controlling this, it is not easy to tackle those who want to abuse this and spam over others. It is a huge shitfest to try to tackle this one user at a time. If you are going to try I'd suggest taking a brief 'demo' long enough to show the offense but not overly long. Provide a STEAM ID along with your demo and we will work through them. I'd say to be reasonable we would want to see two instances of them abusing this.

    Maybe @J Triggs could suggest a solution?
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  10. PokeyFan

    PokeyFan One Poster

    to me it was a tough choice deds that where free killed can say they where bet then there would be a lot of screamers and babys saying they where and thats why i choes yes
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  11. J Triggs
    No Mood

    J Triggs Senior Jailbreak Admin Staff Member JailBreak Admin Senior Admin

    Simplest solution: "Borrow" (Steal) code from the Jailbreak plugin on how it mutes the reds every round, manipulate it into a third party addon and throw it in the server.

    I can probably have this done in 20 minutes... At least I think all of the hooks I need fire correctly and exist.
  12. Valias

    Valias The Special Jailbreak Wizard! Former Staff

    Will this affect the staff members? (Being muted every single round, unmuting ourselves every single round?)
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  13. J Triggs
    No Mood

    J Triggs Senior Jailbreak Admin Staff Member JailBreak Admin Senior Admin

    Now it won't. Wing it will be in the "additions" thread shortly, just testing the no mute staff members, I can't test the join mute system, but the death mute appears to work.
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  14. wing

    wing Administrator Staff Member Owner

    Big thank you out to @J Triggs for this plugin. We have pushed it to all servers. Please report further problems.
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