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Discussion in 'TF2 JailBreak' started by Peak, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Peak

    Peak Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    Stock, vanilla Jailbreak can get really damn boring sometimes, crouch walk to this, bumrush to that, lets play FRLR, and a bunch of other stuff. After a while, everything feels the same and I get the feeling to kill myself.

    So I made a list with some stuff we can add in, some rules we can change, and some personal thoughts and ideas on issues of Jailbreak.

    1. Staff should be allowed to use the sm_drug command.

    Drugs just make things a lot more fun and if all participating reds have it, drugs is not abusing commands. There are games where wardens often refuse to play because of either how easy it is or how washed down it is. Having staff be able to enable drugs in games like Crush Game, Arena, Sweeper, Obby, or Box Game, makes the activities more lively and refreshing, making people want to play them. Its not really abuse either.

    2. Bring Hidden Back

    Hidden is a game where reds are put in arena pit and a blue is turned invisible, sent in, and asked to start killing people. Hidden was banned for some reason but it seems like we are denying ourselves a great game to play. I can see how turning some blue invisible might cause some problems liking running off or messing with people. In that case, a rule can be put in to only allow staff members to be invisible or having trusted, active guards become the Hidden (staff discretion). Another abuse prevention rule can be only allowing The Hidden to be played when there are 2 staff members on. Hidden is a really fun game and I thought bringin it back is a good idea.

    3. Special Room Teleportation as LR is OK

    I'm mainly talking about different map's sky boxes, casurina's cat room, or other special teleport only room. If the last remaining red request this as his custom Lr, I don't see a problem with allowing a staff member to teleport said red into the room. The red can't leave the room or interfere with the round, they are just stuck in it. When the round is almost over, all we have to do is either slay them or teleport them out for their DR. If it is asked as a Last Request, it shouldn't be considered as abuse and should only be abuse if a staff member teleports anyone else thats not the LR red or teleports people randomly that didn't request it as LR.

    4. Special Kill Commands should be Allowed as a DR Slay

    Kill commands like Freeze bomb, Time Bomb, Fire Bomb, Burning, or Exploding people should be allowed as a fun, cool way to slay someone when they are delaying a DR or request to be killed this way for their DR. If used in anyway that is not related to DR, it can be considered as abuse, however, if the last alive red wants to die in a fashionably way, they can ask to be killed this way. It makes it a lot more interesting than having a blue shoot them. Other situation where these commands can be used is when a red is delaying during their DR. Especially the Bomb commands, which have a timer to them, can be used to kill these reds instead of just a boring, ol'slay.

    5. Remove Rule 6

    Rule 6 is a waste of time. Instead of going straight into an activity, the warden must say some other command before doing it, wasting time, energy, and effort. For games like hide and seek, its dumb to have to reds afk in cells or have them go to the yellow line before they go hide. This request sounds kind of dumb but many other staff members and regulars feel the same way and don't mind seeing it gone.

    6. Staff needs to CHILL OUT

    Earlier today a blue heavy was randomly swinging his fist around, waiting for the last red to decide his DR. The staff member on then proceeded to teleport everybody together to make it easier for the red to kill the blues. In that teleport, the heavy accidentally killed the red since the teleport command teleported everyone on top on each other. The blue red then got a 45 minute ban without a chance to explain himself.
    This happens way to goddamn much and is literally driving the new player base away. Instead of giving people crazy bans for little ass things, take the time to clearly explain to them what they did wrong and to not do it again. There is nothing wrong with giving some a chance to make up for it.
    (Reasons to guard ban:
    a. Anything that goes against guard or warden rules, that a slay isn’t sufficient for.) Slaying exists and is completely viable.

    Other thing is what passes and doesn't pass for disrespect is stupid. Someone doesn't deserve a 30 minute gag just because he called someone else a fag.

    Any thoughts, complaints, ideas, hate, or bitching are all welcomed below
    These are all general ideas and can be tweaked and changed to be perfected.
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  2. Feminine Bill Nye

    Feminine Bill Nye Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    Well... from the example you gave it wouldn't be ok to do that due to it breaking rule 4. You are not allowed to let a (or group of) red(s) do something different than the mass of the team.

    I beg to differ, the rule may seem like a hassle to some but it makes a smoother start to rounds and hide & seek may be the best game for rule 6, in my opinion, because warden has to pick a spot for the guards to stay and some times while the blues are still trying to make it to there designated areas the cells would automatically open and without rule 6 all those blues would be baiting and be most likely targeted by the reds. Causing potential free killing and complaints from the targeted blues.
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  3. Falcon

    Falcon The Mightiest Bird

    I beg to differ, removing rule 6 would only mean it's not required to tell reds to go the line or in their cells. Even if the rule was removed the warden would still be able to give an order to stay in cells or go to the line. It's just that other wardens wouldn't need to give that order and would be able to say "Crouch walk to ______". Even without the rule the round can start smoothly by telling them to crouch walk out of their cells and following the warden. If the LR was Hide and Seek that round then the warden could say "Afk freeze in cells" before they went to their designated areas. If the cells were "automatically open and without rule 6" those blues wouldn't be baiting because the warden would be able to say, as I've said before, "Afk freeze in cells". While the rule does help regulate rounds it's not entirely needed as most of the time Reds and Blues just want to get along with the activity and the only situation that "could" be a problem, as you've stated, "could be Hide and Seek, but the warden would still be able to keep the round in check.

    In summary, removing the rule would be fine because the warden would still be able to say "Crouch walk to the line," or "Afk freeze in cells" if they wanted to. They'd be able to choose to bring them to the line or straight to the activity and it wouldn't be a problem because the warden could give orders that help regulate the round.
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  4. J Triggs
    No Mood

    J Triggs Senior Jailbreak Admin Staff Member JailBreak Admin Senior Admin

    1. Anything that requires the staff should not be allowed in the context that it requires the staff, if there was a fair and safe way for the warden to activate it, then that would be okay.

    2. ^ with more limitations I have yet to think of.

    3. How do you say it... Hell No. It was expressly removed because it was being abused. It can be used as round delay if the administrative user logs off, it would with the respawn rule change it would mean that the staff member would have to sit the round out. This is gone for good, unless you personally want to make an automatic system for this that is completely foolproof and works with all maps installed on IdleServer Jailbreaks.

    4. Refer to 1, also people use headphones most of the 'bombs' will blowout your ears, very few people have their systems calibrated.

    5. Many want it removed I understand that, but you can't deny that it does get rid of the AFK's at the beginning of the round. Before you say 'but once they leave cells a blue can just check as the reds proceed to the game', that works out really well. Several times that I have played, be it not as much as initially, blues don't even bother checking the cells. Having this buffer reminds some of them. I have yet to get a concrete reason to actually remove it, pretty much the only reason I ever get is 'it's stupid', well congrats, I'm not going to remove a rule because people think it's stupid.

    6. Okay, I'm not going to say you're wrong, what I should do is, you know the command in a lot of Garrys Mod servers '!slaynr'? I should write that for TF2.

    7 (disrespect). It's all up to staff discretion, one staff member may find something more offensive than another.
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  5. urmf

    urmf Active Member

    So staff shouldn't freeze for Hide and Seek.
    I personally believe it just plain stupid to freeze reds.
    It takes the fun out of the game and puts a restriction on something that shouldn't. "Man Hunt" is the only way I think "Hide and Seek" should be played.
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  6. Arcane

    Arcane Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    I see some value in freezing for hide and seek, as it does allow for some unique locations to hide in, and restricts the "maximum time spent" on the game by making it so anywhere that has been searched should not need searched again.
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  7. J Triggs
    No Mood

    J Triggs Senior Jailbreak Admin Staff Member JailBreak Admin Senior Admin

    You have a point, I'll give you that.
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