H>40$ PAYDAY 2 skin W>16 TF2 keys

Discussion in 'General' started by Mango Puree, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Mango Puree

    Mango Puree Well-Known Member

    I've waited about a month and a half or so for this skin to sell. I've tried the steam market and reddit but the prices keep getting lower and lower and I can never get a solid price on this skin. So, if anyone has 16 keys and plays PAYDAY 2, I can give you a Mint Condition Headhunter SMG worth around $40. Prices are, of course, negotiatble and I can lower it if I particularly like you. 40/2.49 would be 16 keys (going off the Mann Co. Store price since steam community market prices aren't very reliant.)

    You can send me a trade offer at https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=223208577&token=g9afGrbS

    I'll be waiting about a week or two before I put it back on the steam market, so this deal is only for a limited time!
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  2. Captain Meliodas
    Dr Pepper Addict

    Captain Meliodas Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    skins in any game are really hard to get sold, especially when they are priced at 40 dollars, besides there might only be two or three listings of that specific weapon at stupid high prices, so that's why it is so high, the price most people sell it at isn't always the price most people will buy it at
  3. Kenny Omega

    Kenny Omega Well-Known Member Former Staff

    honestly i'd just leave it up on the market, to be real I don't think a lot of people would pay 16 keys for a payday skin. you should probably just leave it on the market as it would be more likely to get sold
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  4. Mango Puree

    Mango Puree Well-Known Member

    That would be the smartest but slowest option and I wanted to explore other ways to sell it and see if I can sell it any faster. Plus, the steam market price always fluctuates so I can never get a concrete price without it dropping in the next hour or two.
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  5. King Cunt (Maiev iZtrale)

    King Cunt (Maiev iZtrale) Well-Known Member

    Patience is key.
  6. Mango Puree

    Mango Puree Well-Known Member

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