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  1. wing

    wing Administrator Staff Member Owner

    This list will simply list all our current moderators and a simple explanation of what is expected of moderators at IdleServer.Com

    By being a moderator your have a special tag and the ability to mute without vote.

    Your duties are simple to enforce the rules of the server only when needed.

    Mute = Not able to use Mic
    Gag = Not able to use Chat
    Silence = Not able to Either

    We ask all Moderator to escalated anybody needing permanently muted to the on duty admin who will notate accordingly.

    Active Moderators
    • DarkTigre32

    Want to be a moderator? Show active participation. You must have idled minimum 10 days on our servers and show you actively know the rules. Explaining the rules to others in chat history shows you understand how we operate.

    We are asking that anyone who applies to be mod be AT LEAST 16 years old.

    Derogatory chat history results can void you from eligibility for moderator position. Do not apply below go back and create your "moderator application"
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  2. wing

    wing Administrator Staff Member Owner

    How we pick admins

    We have a lot of players and a lot of people wanting to become admin. Many of the players that want to become admin abuse their power.

    We would love give everyone who wants to become an admin a chance, but if they turn out to be bad, they have likely already made people leave before someone bothers to report them. Because of this we cannot just let everyone who wants to be an admin try out for a while.

    These are some of the qualities we would like to see in an admin.
    • Will not get mad if you lose your admin.
    • Calm.
    • Knows instinctively what is fair.
    • Smart enough to learn how to use the ban command.
    • Able to gain friends while playing on our servers.
    • Willing to help people on the other servers too.
    • Actively trying to participate in the community.
    Another important requirement is time played on our servers. If you are not on our servers very often, there is no point in giving you admin powers if you are hardly online to use them. There is no minimum limit for you to pass. We will collectively decide if you have enough time played or not. This can be offset by contributing to the community in other ways.
    • Mapping
    • Programming
    • Publicizing
    • Big trader
    • Big donator
    Please do not ask what is the minimum amount you must do in order to become admin. This just shows us that you only want to do the bare minimum to get admin.
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