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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Captain Meliodas, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Captain Meliodas
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    Hello everyone...Captain Meliodas here...

    I make these threads every once in a while and I'm well aware that nothing really ever gets changed... However, I'd still like to address some things I see wrong and see if any of them could be fixed... so lets start off...

    1. The restriction on mods

    I know this is kinda odd...I just got mod and it just looks like I'm trying to make it easier on myself but I can guarantee this is not the case... it's something I've been thinking of for a couple of months

    1a. Mods/Admins should be allowed to respawn themselves... however... I think that the commands we use should all have to have a reason... for example... respawning should have the simple /respawn CaptainMeliodas Freekilled

    that way it might help a little bit... and if it's being abused I'm sure the community can just report it... it might be a minor annoyance but it will be caught on if a moderator is respawning himself without reason...A part of this goes onto the next point

    1b. All commands should have a reason section... this is simply because I have to do a /csay or something to address why I froze or why I slayed turned on ff...Etc... and I very rarely remember to do this... the csay of course being so the reason is known... it might be work but it would benefit us all if the commands all required a reason (minus the pardon all of course)

    1c. suggested times...

    I've seen the suggested times for offenses 1st,2nd,3rd so on... however it would be easier on new staff to have a list... maybe a PDF file or a simple google document about certain scenarios and times and ways to deal with it like how many times a sticky can be used on blue before warnings turn into bans or something like that... it would also be easier because for myself at least I don't have a base for times and I just estimate times so I might ban someone for no mic for 10 minutes then later ban someone for 15 minutes for the same offense looking like favoritism

    A spam filter...

    there is nothing stopping people from spamming except a gag... which can be bypassed in many ways... my suggestion is to limit the amount of messages that can be sent... like maybe 3 every 10 seconds? I of course don't have a set time for this but I think it would massively help out

    The removal of /me and similar commands

    there is absolutely no reason for /me we have all been told not to use it for practically any reason... it just flashes in chat and makes you try to look special... however it can be used to bypass gags... which even if a spam filter would be in place it's still complete hell... so if we don't benefit from it at all and get punished for using it why not remove it?

    3. Taunt kills

    not a rule but this needs to be fixed... Taunt kills were banned by blues unless for Dr or hideandseek... however on more than half of the servers taunt kills are SOOOO hard to use... the opposing player has to be a very very certain angle away,above,and beside you for the taunt to work otherwise it just bypasses it... I suggest that time is taken to fix that

    4.Weapon bans

    there are many weapons that either shouldn't be banned and are or weapons that are banned and shouldn't be.... some examples of this the Sydney sleeper...
    No where in the rules does it say the Sydney sleeper is banned but the Jarate is? this is confusing because if the item isn't Jarate is it ok to use the weapon? or could someone ONLY go for body shots or they get banned... bringing onto the next point contradictory rules and things that need to be taken out

    It is extremely hard to cope with the "Don't leave warden without permission" not because it's a bad rule... simply because of the peach cell... it does state that it's exempt but why?
    Many blues get the wrong idea and I myself am confused... you can go behind the peach cell the check if anyone is escaping... but a lot of people go to soccer when I'm there without permission... does that count as the peach cell? or is that chasing? rules like this need to be clarified and the peach cell shouldn't be special...

    2. You are not allowed to break or use any red specific entities, this includes but is not limited to:
    this is also a bad rule...
    I understand no breaking red entrances... but no using them either?
    if you can only use tunnels... and you can get slain for going through the top of the armory... and what about the cell on snowday? or the vents to armory? if they drop straight down then you aren't walking 4 steps until after the drop... so can we not use these either unless we have to jump up?

    3. You are not allowed to random kill anyone, mainly red, but this does include your own team (friendly fire).
    4. You are not allowed to kill any blues, unless they don't have microphone

    these rules are kind of hand on hand... there is no need for the second rules... especially since friendly fire management has been disabled because of team killing...

    10. Do not equip or use banned items.

    this rule isn't needed if we have a list of banned items already... it's kinda just a filler in

    20. Each and every round must have a warden within the first 20 seconds, if there is no warden within that time, everyone dies, this allows players on red to switch over to guards.

    this shouldn't be a rule... I'm sure people can figure it out... a rule is something to enforce it shouldn't be a statement...

    19. You are not allowed to kill any reds if more than one half of the reds don’t follow the orders, unless they are detour or delaying.

    overall I disagree with this rule... practically anything can be considered as detouring and delaying if someone is feeling like enough of a dick and has some knowledge of arguing/debating... If more than half of the reds don't go to a specific line can we kill them for detouring? yes, but many people still ban and respawn for it

    2. Orders will be given through your microphone, exempt only if no one on the server has a microphone that can access the guards team.
    13. You must have a microphone in order to be on the guards team, examples of excuses that don’t count

    obviously these two rules contradict... I don't have a solution for this but I'm sure some of the people more intelligent or diligent than I am can think of something

    these are just a handful of the the rules that I think should be banned/altered/removed/anything else there are multiple rules that need to be altered and removed more than the ones I just stated...I ask that someone just go through and interpret the rules... we don't need them up for debate... because then this can flame abuse and more rule breaking

    I started making this thread at 2am this morning but I fell asleep while making it and I lost track of where i was going... so I had many more things I was going to address however I forgot what I was going to say and if I remember I'll make either another post or a reply to this one


    I'd like to say that many members of the community helped me with this post and submitted ideas so therefore this is not all my work... I just felt that needed to be said...I'm also saying that a lot of mods don't enforce these things such as the sydney sleeper... I say it's still technically jarate so it shouldn't be used but some mods allow it
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  2. ☭Syn☭

    ☭Syn☭ Active Member

    I agree with this mostly except for 19. When you said if more than half the reds are on a different line and they get killed by 1 guard, they should still be banned because you cant kill half the server or more in one order. A solution would tell them they have a certain amount of time to get on the other line or they will be KOS then. If they still didn't do that you would be allowed to kill all who are on that line
  3. Captain Meliodas
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    Captain Meliodas Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    I think you misunderstand

    I'm arguing that A. They shouldn't be banned and it shouldn't be against the rules. and B.that people shouldn't be so hasty on it... I may have worded it wrong but the more than half of the server rule leads to freekill actually...Am I right? Imagine I say out of cell rebel day is active then 20 seconds later say go to the yellow line and start killing people who went because it was still active...
    The killing people path that I took means unless I close the cells (I usually do) I could kill people who I thought went to the line but are innocent
    the other path to take is killing nobody but that means if all the reds keep fucking up then nobody dies

    the rules generally are flawed and this one in particular I don't like... I of course would take the pardoning path because I don't want to accidentally freekill... however I usually close the cell doors

    another Scenario
    Simon Says...

    Imagine a Meliodas... A stickler on the rules who kills people if they do ANYTHING wrong... but if there are more than half of the reds about to die... I would not kill anyone... so if it's Simon says and 2 of 3 reds jump when playing but I said "jump" not Simon says... then I kill nobody? then they learn that I won't kill more than half the reds so the 2 reds decide not to do anything... and I have to then go to the "well you delayed" causing a lot of people to flame

    overall that is what I'm talking about

    If anybody has any questions about what I meant on any section ask and I'll clarify as best and as soon as possible
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  4. J Triggs
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    J Triggs Senior Jailbreak Admin Staff Member JailBreak Admin Senior Admin

    - The exemption of the peach cell is just the back, that is pretty straight forward, the only reason you would think the other is if someone implanted the thought in your head, or you made the thought.

    - As I'm sure you've mentioned plenty of times before, it's too easy for guards to win the rounds.

    - Main rule.
    - Added because people are stupid, and at the time for the microphone exemption staff were scarce within the server.

    - Not all of the weapons on the list are fully and properly blocked at all points as I'm sure you've noticed.

    - Your point on this one is fair, but this makes it so people don't have to play 20 questions with the administrative user.

    - I refer you to "No smartassery".

    - Exemption that should be listed under the main rule rather than a separate rule.
    - Main rule.
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  5. Dark

    Dark Well-Known Member Former Staff

    Suggestion: Remove the TF2 zone thingy. It helps people rebel and it gives an element of surprise for the reds
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  6. Captain Meliodas
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    Captain Meliodas Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    I wasn't reffering to myself here... I'm saying we should make it more clear to other people who had the thought implanted into their head I'm fully aware that you're not supposed to however it turns into a flame war every time

    as almost every single other person has mentioned about this topic the solution to this is removing tf2 zones

    I understand this and that is kind of the point I was trying to make... if not all of them are removed like the sticky bomb launcher or something There shouldn't need to be the rule not to equip them as long as the banned list is there... I was just stating that it's unnecessary not that something big has to change or revolve around it

    Yet again I'm referring to scenarios... as I've kind of sideways stated before the point of this thread isn't just to add or change rules it's to make it much easier for people to understand them... because as you yourself stated "people are stupid" and there is no way to change stupidity except to rid their ignorance and let them shape... if we made the rules easier to understand and left less room for questioning it would help out a lot

    Also this thread had many other points... I wasn't just criticizing the rules though it was about 3/4 of it... I also had some points about restrictions on moderators/admins,taunt kills, Etc... I'd appreciate it if you thought of this post as less of an attack and more of an overall clumped suggestions post...Because there are still a lot of problems that don't involve the rules
  7. J Triggs
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    J Triggs Senior Jailbreak Admin Staff Member JailBreak Admin Senior Admin

    I'm not interpreting this as an attack, I'm stating that the rules are straight forward, the problem isn't even in this point that people are stupid, it's that they don't check the rules for themselves and they ask others who implant the ideas into their heads.
    The first step would be to get people to read the rules before they play rather than learn from players who join from X community.

    I only addressed the rules in my post because I don't see why mods need to do various things other than the simple fact that having a logs will always back you up in reports or other such.
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  8. Lance Cocuski Ω

    Lance Cocuski Ω Well-Known Member Former Staff

    I can argue that most of the issues that really occur because the rules are not straight forward, but its really because people dont read the rules. I'm sure the rules could be up for debate in shining and honing but we really just got to get people to read the rules. lol Triggs made them simple and specific, it just looks overwhelming and intimidating to a new player when they read it, but its simple.
  9. Captain Meliodas
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    Captain Meliodas Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    if this is truly the case then I suggest a server message... you know how a moderator or an admin can do a csay? I suggest that we have occasional server popups that read something like

    "Don't forget to do /rules before playing"
    I know that takes a little time and isn't complicated to add...If we are truly worried about people not reading the rules or them being accessible this could help

    another thing we can do for when a player first joins is have the rules pop up...But not just that,now of course it's annoying when you join a server and it does this, but we can have them scroll through and check something like "yes I've read the rules"
    Now I know more than 90 percent of people just check the box and go on...however this is still beneficial due to the small amount of people that read the rules through... and this way people can't complain (if we mix the two suggestions) about the rules not being accessible or not knowing they exist because they have a reminder and they have to read through this at the beginning
  10. Lance Cocuski Ω

    Lance Cocuski Ω Well-Known Member Former Staff

    I think using /csay to advertise the rules is a norm. But i also wouldn't argue with as many ways to advertise the rules as possible.
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