KyptoKlutz JailBreak Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by KyptoKlutz, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. KyptoKlutz

    KyptoKlutz Active Member

    In Game Name (Steam Name): KyptoKlutz

    Have you been around for at least one month: Yes (Stats for proof)

    Provide the link to your jailbreak stats:

    Are you older than 16: Yes

    What time zone are you in?: Central Time (CT)

    Do you have mic: Yes I have Mic

    Are you willing to go Warden?: Yes

    Have you read JailBreak Introduction?: Yes

    Have you read over the guidelines?: Yes

    How many hours do you have logged on our JailBreak server: 3d 17:34:20h

    Which Server do you play on the most?: JailBreak Server #1

    Are you in school?: Yes

    Do you have somebody reputable that is vouching for you?: qminegod

    Other: I'I am 17 years old, I turn 18 in December 25 of 2018, I have a job(as a gymnastics coach), I love playing jail break I would be happy to assist in keeping these servers fair and balanced for everyone. Occasionally I make reports if someone does something excessive and there aren't any mods or admins present to do anything.
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  2. Valias

    Valias The Special Jailbreak Wizard! Staff Member JailBreak Admin Jailbreak Trainer

    I am not so sure about this person, i need more time to "study" this applicant
  3. Sky_Klokwork

    Sky_Klokwork Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    I've played with this user in the past but i want to play with them some more before i can give a rating other than Potential.
  4. Falcon

    Falcon The Mightiest Bird

    I don't really wanna know why this happened, but I'm left with a bad impression of you.
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  5. KyptoKlutz

    KyptoKlutz Active Member

    I know this isn't a good reason and I know you didn't ask. But the warden told me to type that for lr or he would kill me. I realize how stupid that is and I can understand if this hurts my application.
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  6. RedTF2

    RedTF2 Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Admin

    A choice like that shows you’re not mature enough. I don’t see why it would ever be right to type that. In a situation like that, it’s best to call a moderator/administrator and to not type said word, reguardless for lr and not to be freekilled.
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  7. KyptoKlutz

    KyptoKlutz Active Member

    I agree with you, this is my first and it is the last time I ever say that, I'm truly sorry if I have offended anyone, Thank you for your feedback.
  8. Ghastol

    Ghastol Can't Stop

    Actually, they can not enforce a kill order so you could just call a mod/admin very easily. :)
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  9. KyptoKlutz

    KyptoKlutz Active Member

    I'm still intrested in becoming a moderator :) I've been a bit less active because of school and work but I still love playing.
  10. Mellow Yellow

    Mellow Yellow Can't Stop


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  11. Optimist

    Optimist Well-Known Member

    After analysis of the applicant, in games with/without admins or moderators, I am dreaded to downvote KryptoKlutz.

    Clean up your act, and apply again.
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  12. KyptoKlutz

    KyptoKlutz Active Member

    In what way could I clean up my act? If you dont mind me asking? (There is also no r in my name )
  13. Captain Meliodas
    Dr Pepper Addict

    Captain Meliodas Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    I'm not gonna support this application for a few reasons...

    1. You have a guard-ban from less than a week ago for the reason of Dr denial, now whether this means you free killed someone or made a stupid mistake it shouldn't matter, you should have common sense either way and not do it in the first place, Being a moderator requires good judgment in the first place, and a good reputation, so if you're making very simple mistakes like slaying yourself right before the round ends and denying a "DR" shows me that you simply don't have the common sense or good judgment that you should have, normally i'd be more lax on simple mistakes, but Most of our moderators are inactive or terrible at their jobs, and I don't want to add to the problems that we already have.

    2. I can see a notable amount of immaturity just through the responses you've had on your moderator application. IE "there is also no r in my name" there's no need to correct a small mistake like this and i'm pretty sure you know that, to me that shows a subconscious manner of trying to make yourself look better, or belittle someone else, And it definitely doesn't help what falcon posted that you said in chat, regardless of if it was in February or not

    3. You don't have very much activity, you said you had been on less because of school, but you should be able to find a way to moderate into any schedule, if you being in school will diminish the amount that you're on then there is no point in you being a moderator that never gets on, or very seldom gets on, we already have enough inactive mods as it is, people only know about 6 or 7 of them, oh and fun fact we have 27 staff members as of right now...SO I would like to keep the amount of people that become mod just to become inactive down, so that we can actually accept moderator applications of people that will be on, because for some reason mod apps only start getting accepted when people get demoted, or quit from being a mod/admin

    I think that will suffice for the reasons I don't think you would be an upstanding moderator, I wish you luck on your application but I don't see myself supporting you as a moderator
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  14. KyptoKlutz

    KyptoKlutz Active Member

    Regarding point 1: Michael said I dr denied however I late spawned and killed myself since he didnt notice and didnt issue a slay. He unbanned me when I told him.

    2nd point: the r in my name is an inside joke among my jailbreak friends ,I would like to keep a fun personality but I do know when to be firm

    3rd point: I'm a fulltime highschool student and work however that doesnt mean I'm inactive I play almost every day, maybe not as much as I would like to, but I still try my best to play as much as possible.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2018
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  15. Morgan Redbright(jayce)

    Morgan Redbright(jayce) Active Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    I see him on pretty often, He seems to know what he is doing too, But I haven't played enough with him to know.
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  16. Lunar

    Lunar Can't Stop

    I support this guy. Hes done bad things but he knows what hes doing. Hes like another arcane and thats sick for me. Get This man mod. -Lunar
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  17. KyptoKlutz

    KyptoKlutz Active Member

    Friendly bump on my mod app, still intrested :)
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  18. Doc Holiday Punch

    Doc Holiday Punch Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    I see Kypto often, but I don't think its often enough. These criticisms given by the other staff members seem foreign to me because when I am online he is doing pretty well, sometimes even telling other players to follow certain rules. Does this mean he should be a moderator from my perspective? Of course not, but this also means we shouldn't deny him just yet. There's still hope for you and time, so use it wisely to get a better rep. It's not that hard to make a couple friends, talk to a couple of people, maybe even help out the moderators here and there. Applications can be a long process, but that's also a good thing. The long times give you a large opportunity to help the community, and even when you become mod you are always constantly giving back to the community, at least that's what I think.

    - doc

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  19. KyptoKlutz

    KyptoKlutz Active Member

    Application bump :)
  20. KyptoKlutz

    KyptoKlutz Active Member

    Late night application bump.
  21. Morgan Redbright(jayce)

    Morgan Redbright(jayce) Active Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    Dont forget to keep bumping! Ill change this to support, but you need to try and more actively enforce rules!
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  22. KyptoKlutz

    KyptoKlutz Active Member

    Application bump because it's been a while. I'm still intrested in being a mod :)
  23. KyptoKlutz

    KyptoKlutz Active Member

    Application bump
  24. KyptoKlutz

    KyptoKlutz Active Member

    Application bump. I'm still intrested in being a mod :)
  25. gamer

    gamer Previously Darkarcangel142

    +support krypto klutz
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