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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Master Doge, Jan 20, 2018.

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  1. Master Doge

    Master Doge Member

    I was banned from IdleServer.Com JailBreak for: Mass Freekilling

    What server? What time?: Jailbreak server, but that was back in 2016 (or early 2017s) so I don't remember the server IP.

    What is your Steam ID?:

    Why do you feel you should be unbanned?: This team-ban was suppose to be 45 minutes long (I believe) but it has not expired for over a year now. I was idling, and playing on your damn servers, spending lots of my freetime trying to that team-ban off of my ass, but it hasn't. Even qminegod messaged me to "be patient" I gave up, so I quitted your servers (and most of TF2) for couple of months, and I come back, and this team-ban is going on still, meaning it hasn't expired for months, so I just came back from hell pretty much, and would like to be team-unbanned from the Guards, I have a microphone ready, and i'm not willing to abuse the power again.

    What are you appealing?: Team-Ban

    Additional information?:
  2. DJ Prodigy

    DJ Prodigy Well-Known Member JailBreak Mod

    The guard ban is for being alive.

    There for if you get guard banned for 30 minutes you have to be alive for 30 minutes to have it expire.

    So if I stayed alive for 28 minutes I would need to get 2 more minutes.

  3. DoctorDingDong

    DoctorDingDong Supreme Donger Lord Staff Member JailBreak Admin

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