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Discussion in 'Pending Moderator Applications' started by Spoiled_Spool, Dec 23, 2013.

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    Servers: Essentially just the idling servers.

    Time Zone: I forget the name, explainable I live in kansas, so yeah.

    Moderator Experience: Well, I have owned 2 servers in minecraft through out the years, and been admin on only one server in team fortress 2 to be honest.

    Favorite Pizza Topping? Bacon, cheddar, with hamburger, I call it bacon cheese burger!

    Additional Information: Just turned 13 december ninth, I'm pretty mature, and I was vac banned on a previous account, but hacking is past me, i have 7 friends on steam, I live in Kansas, ft. Scott, and play on a windows 8 laptop, to be honest, I'm getting a new one in February , A alien ware to be exact, hopefuly, I can be excepted to moderator, Thanks for your time.
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  2. Dild0F@gins

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    i support this man, he after is is my brother :)
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  3. danydondans

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    Make him mode he's cool
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  4. Jasontoms

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    he is a good staff, he was staff on my friends server
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  5. Spoiled_Spool

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    Also, I'm quite confused on the concept that when I join one of the idle servers (all to be exact) I couldnt find my name on hlxstats, so excuse my miss-use of it, as it is bugged out, and needs fixing, then, I shall fix my post here
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  7. Princess♥

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    Until very recently there weren't stats for some of our servers. Wing has fixed all servers to now show up with stats.
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    Pretty sure its up to code now
  9. Spoiled_Spool

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    on file waiting?
  10. wing

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    You are on the young side to moderate. We have your app on file and if in the future we see you on doing good job it is that much easier for us to approve you. Having more backers on this application would help show greater support.

    This shows the number of times you have connected to our servers. Not much
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