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    =PB= DARK SANTA One Poster

    The server I play on most is your idle tf2 server

    I tried and tried and tried to find my Hlstats but i cant. I hope this doesnt affect my app

    My time zone is UTC+10:00 and i will be on mostly on the weekend and about 3:30 to 6:30 on the weekdays

    Support: I have really supported this server group ever since i found it. I have invited all my friends i have had since i found this group. I have to confess i havnt donated because im saving up for my car but most of my friends i have invited have soo i hope that helps.

    If i loose my admin status (only if i get it :D ) i will be sad but i wont be mad because i know i did something bad in the server or i abused my powers.

    What do you type to ban your own SteamID for 30 minutes for the reason obvious aimbot well from my admin expirience you type : sm_ban #steamid_0:0:0000000 30 "obvious aimbot"

    personal info: My name is Elijah, my steam name is =PB= DARK SANTA. i really like to play tf2 and minecraft my username is EMC2003. I dont have a mic. I am the person who likes to have fun while still being mature. I am the supporting type so if i find a noobie to the game i like helping them and giving them some items so start of and lastly i want to be a admin for the idle server because when u guys go off people start hacking with aimbots, speed hack, infinet health and ammo.
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  2. Princess♥

    Princess♥ Owner♥ Staff Member Owner

    Can I ask how old you are?
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  3. sergeant major kululu

    sergeant major kululu Can't Stop Former Staff

    I tried to find your age but your steam profile isn't set up.
  4. DarkTigre32

    DarkTigre32 ServerModerator Staff Member Server Moderator

    Before you make any major changes, I just wanted to talk to you simon/princess.
    Guys, before you do anything. I gotta talk to you about some stuff.
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    =PB= DARK SANTA One Poster

    Sorry I haven't replied ive been on holiday for 2 weeks so i haven't been on lately. But if you want to know how old I am 18. Hope that's what you wanted
  6. Princess♥

    Princess♥ Owner♥ Staff Member Owner

    Thank you for applying Dark Santa, however; we aren't taking any mods/admins for our front idling servers. We would like our mods to be on more than 3 hours a day. If you are able to get on more than that in the future, feel free to contact us.
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