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    Hello everybody, my name is regnam and today we'll be today we'll be talking about Obby Speedruns.

    Despite that markiplier intro, me and a couple of people have started setting speed run records on each map. If you would like to participate message me or post a video of you doing obby. Each obstacle course has a set start and finish line. The time is precisely calculated from when you cross said line. Here are the current records:

    Jailfort: 9.82 seconds - @urmf - Scout (winger)

    ML Castle: 28.86 seconds - @daily - Medic/Spy

    Fuckzzz: 23.96 seconds - @urmf - Medic/Spy

    Snowday V7: 1 minute 39.07 seconds - @RedTF2 (me) - Pyro (Powerjack)

    Complex: 24.96 seconds - @urmf - Spy/Medic

    These are the only records set so far, you are free to break these records or set new ones on maps not yet listed.

    When setting a record you must comply with how the class would play on jailbreak. Example: Scouts cannot double jump, triple jump.

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    Pretty neat concept.
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  3. Bear Heavy 2

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    I wanna set a new record for mlcastle
    Does it have to be video evidence?
  4. KyptoKlutz
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    I would think so. Unless you want to show red himself
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