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    So, this game called world of warships, I play it every now and then its pretty fun.

    Anyway one day I got a notification that I got a coupon for 30% off of any purchase from a ship bundle.
    I looked in the shop for a ship to buy and found quite the beauty, it was an Italian battleship that I like to called "da freakin popa" because of the camo. and I read it had on it currently had 20%, so all together it would be 50% off.

    Or so it seemed.

    The ship with 0 % off's would be $125.00. So 50% would of made it $75.00

    Then I went to buy it, and when I bought it, it came up as $100.00.

    I was so confused.

    So I went to the coupon thing, and APPARENTLY it didn't count for items ALREADY DISCOUNTED.

    So I tried to save money without reading lol.

    btw heres the ship:
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