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    What's up every body. It's that dad here.

    Okay my dudes, I do have an idea. It came after Wing told me, how he's been looking for some staff to help when the summer comes along. I feel at the rate idle is, having alot of staff run the way they are, would be a kinda bad idea. (no offense to Wing or Princess)

    I was thinking of an idea that could help Wing and Princess out with all the mod apps coming in, and help with watching all the new staff members. Then I remembered the old Sodahappy server system. We called it the Mentor program.

    How does this work?

    Simple. First staff stats would have to be put in place. So this case. Mod, S.Mod, Admin. S.Admin. (then anything between or added on)
    This would work by the S.Admins looking at applications and looking to see who would made a good staff member. (S.Admins normally should be well trusted members inside the Idleserver family). After so, the Mentor can take on couple new mods at a time. Keeping a Sub post, for his/her mods to comment on, and give weekly updates. Along side check there logs to make sure they are doing the job correctly.

    After some time, the Mentor will decide, if the Mod is ready to be moved to S.Mod. At this point, the S.Mod is still asked to report in every week to the Mentor's sub post, and as-well the Mentor check there logs every so often, but a this point. The S.Mod can put in the application to become a Admin. This application must be accepted by both the Mentor, and or Wing/Princess. At this point the newly promoted Admin does not need to report in to there Mentor, and is no longer under that Mentor's supervision.

    The way S.Admins should be chosen by Wing/Princess since, the power to accept Mod apps could result in some trust issues if anyone is givin that power by voting.

    The Mentors (S.Admins) Jobs would be the kinda job the Jailbreak trainers have, along side a few added tasks. Such as, accepting mod apps. Keeping tabs of there menties, and supporting them in any problems they have with commands, and or rules.

    I feel this would help relive stress of Wing and Princess and this has worked flawlessly before in the past, and infact I find it a wonderful system when the right people are put in charge. It helps the Owners do more work with plugins and server problems, while leaving the mod apps and staff handling to trusted members. This can also help up with new staff we might get in the summer.

    I would love to hear your input. From Wing/Princess, other staff and members of Idleservers. How do you like this idea?
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  2. Festive Michael Rosen

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    Once summer comes around is when I plan on making my mod application. Of course, I have to wait until the end of July. However if Wing and Princess need help right when summer starts like you say they do, if they would allow, I could make it sooner. (of course they would have to allow it, but if they really needed help I would be fine with the idea)
  3. Mellon :^)
    Beef Curtains

    Mellon :^) Well-Known Member

    This sounds like a great idea. I'm planning to make my new-new mod app around summer as well, so this seems like a good opportunity for me.
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  4. Falcon

    Falcon The Mightiest Bird

    Bumping because it's an interesting idea, and I thought it should be brought back up into the light.
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