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    Hey guys, it's me maswarm. I'm here again to say hi and check on all of you in these scary times (how about that virus huh ;) lmao). Anyway, I have some BIG news the famous Luke Romo AKA KingLegoBuilder has just recently announced that he is, in fact, cool man with bike and his sister is. Dark nova is being cooler than ever before and even joined concert band. (isn't that cool guys). And finally my news I am currently typing this message while I am quarantined in the virgin islands due to not just the virus but because I am also a wanted international war criminal responsible for an attempt on some small ranking government officials garden gnomes being stolen and held ransom. That being said I hope you all stay safe don't go outside (but hey we're all gamers here we all know you weren't gonna leave anyway) also remember to wash your hands or I will personally break into your house and wash them for you. Have a good day :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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    thank you maswarm!!!! i ohope you are ok!
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    shut up optimist. thank you optimist
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