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Discussion in 'Accepted Admin Applications' started by XemnasThe1st, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. XemnasThe1st

    XemnasThe1st Can't Stop Former Staff

    Age: 17+

    State and Country (not city): Hawaii, USA

    Primary Language:English

    Favorite Pizza Topping: Anything with meat on it. (bacon, sausage. Yea you get the point)

    Servers: Jailbreak 1

    HLStatsX: https://idleserver.com/jailchat/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=230

    Time Zone: UTC

    Admin Experience:
    I have been a mod for over 3 years of idleserver jailbreak, I know what I been doing for a while now.

    Additional Information: I am very well known with a lot of people on the jailbreak servers

    Name the Director of the Admin: Hyro the pyro

    Support: Crunch,Val
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  2. Chaos Valkyrie

    Chaos Valkyrie One Poster

    Scrub Likes to gaurd ban people late at night. ( But only when they're breaking the rules)
  3. Valias

    Valias The Special Jailbreak Wizard! Staff Member JailBreak Admin Jailbreak Trainer

    +Support He deserves to be a Admin :)
  4. Dragonborn
    No Mood

    Dragonborn Can't Stop

    +support his heavy looks like a broken condom, but on a serious note he does deserve admin he's good at mod and should be upgraded
  5. snookcat

    snookcat One Poster

    Supported like everyone else. *Insert speech where I suck up to him like a faggot*- Oh he's so great for this position and is an amazing person. Yada yada yada ya. To the point, he has experience, he knows what to do, and he's got a good sense of humor and an even better head on his shoulders. Case closed, he should actually get the position.
  6. link_link_link

    link_link_link Well-Known Member Former Staff

    Hes there late at nigh when the scroobs get on. And i'm on getting tired of them not going by the rules and having to bug [admin] crunch to get on or send someone else on like Xamnas here.
  7. Princess♥

    Princess♥ Owner♥ Staff Member Owner

    What does 17+ mean? How old are you?
  8. XemnasThe1st

    XemnasThe1st Can't Stop Former Staff

    Well princess have you seen crunch's Admin app. It say the same age. And what I mean is that I am 17. Sorry of the the confusion.
  9. ★₱ånçakes★

    ★₱ånçakes★ One Poster Former Staff

    just give it to him he has been here for 3 years
  10. willis the whale

    willis the whale Active Member

    great mod and i love to see him be an admin <3 +support
  11. ForsakenFour

    ForsakenFour Member

    +support He should be admin and he was a great mod
  12. Bassicly Crunch but more strict
  13. Sexy Sarcastic Senpai ★SSS★

    Sexy Sarcastic Senpai ★SSS★ I own a sexy latina girl. Staff Member JailBreak Admin Sr. JailBreak Trainer

    He's a very friendly player and he's taught me alot on my first days on Idleserver Jailbreak. Xemnas is a very efficient Moderator of Jailbreak and always tries to obey the rules when he's punishing a bad player who is already broken countless rules in due time. I believe; XemnasThe1st should be promoted from Moderator to Administrator on Idleserver Jailbreak, since it seems he has been here far longer then any of us, and knows far more about the server then we could in his years of playing Wing's Jailbreak server. He honestly deserves it. He has my support.
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  14. wing

    wing Administrator Staff Member Owner

    I am accepting this application. Thank you for being around the many years you have in the community and the assistance you have provided to the server along the way.
  15. Sexy Sarcastic Senpai ★SSS★

    Sexy Sarcastic Senpai ★SSS★ I own a sexy latina girl. Staff Member JailBreak Admin Sr. JailBreak Trainer

    Woah, time flies way too fast! Congratulations, XemnasThe1st. Hope you like your new status. Thanks for all the support on the server up until now.
  16. WBiddy

    WBiddy Wanna be survivalists Former Staff

    :)congrats XemnasThe1st
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