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    Well I told someone i'd post this in DTMB and I forgot and posted it in general the first time, so admins may laugh when they see I deleted it but here's the thread, copy and pasted

    This is one of those serious thread series that I do and as you guessed by the title it's about my life story

    i've said many times before that everyone on idleserver has a story, and either you're a 10 year old kid that's immature and doesn't know better, or you're here because of life problems and issues, i'm not 10, so I fall in the other category, I've told it many times and it might be too graphic to have here but there is a reason I'm posting this

    I want a few things to happen out of this thread, I want people to know they're not alone, I want the kids to learn that people have actual problems, and I want to make a thread because I'm bored, do understand that most of this is past me, so i'm not depressed, i'm not sad, etc,etc so no sympathy or anything is needed, because I do not care about this

    I don't really know where to start so I guess i'm just gonna go from the beginning to now, my life started quite simple

    I was just an innocent child, I had about 3 months of normal life lol, after that I managed to crawl off of a balcony of a 2 story building, due to my parents not knowing to let a 3 month old child crawl around outside unattended, I was rushed to an emergency room, where I wore a bicycle helmet until about 2 years old, about the time I was able to recover from that I was pushed into a world of parental fighting, screaming, throwing chairs, locking each other out of the house etc etc

    by the time my parents were divorced my father was forced to get a new job because he got the custody, meaning he switched from his successful job to being a freelance computer tech, and as you could possibly guess that makes no money, currently we're getting better financially, we can pay the bills at least, but anything I want I buy for myself, and it's a good life lesson

    at the age of 5 my mother remarried, on my birthday, so i never celebrated that it was always anniversary's, which is ok to me, i've always hated the idea of birthday parties and shit anyways, literally everyone has a birthday it's not a special occasion, so I don't get gifts and cakes and shit, it's pointless, but as a little child i didn't believe that and felt left out

    turns out my new stepfather was abusive, he beat me, my brothers, and my mother, so I started learning self defense at the age of 5 as well, though I took it more seriously at the age of 6, I had to endure the beating for 3 years until one day I felt i was good enough, my stepfather went to hit my mother one more time, I broke his arm, then his knee, then collapsed his windpipe, he's currently still in a comma 6 years later, and I wasn't charged with anything luckily

    I continued to study martial arts, and I still continue, I know i'm a joke pretty much to you people, "karate kid" and shit, but it's been a lot of fun, I went to japan around the age of 9 to pursue my goals and dreams, I learned under Dan Inosanto, he taught me jeet-kun-do, a little wing-chun, and Klee, he was a really fun guy actually, if you don't know who he is, he was bruce lees official student, and everyone knows who he is so...I've never done any martial arts tournaments or mma because the rules are completely different...and I could never do that without spending year retraining

    luckily It never stopped there for the shit, my stepfather was just an introduction to a life of bullshit, after I put him in a comma, everyone in the countryside heard about it, and you know how rednecks are, people constantly tried to fight a kid for beating up a biker, or a member, or family, or some relation, they never really injured me too badly...Don't get me wrong I was still 6-9 years old before I went off to train, so I was smaller than I am now somehow, I wasn't as fast, as strong, nor did I have the experience, I often had someone help me in a fight, and i got hit more times than i'd want to admit, but I survived at least, I got better and better by the day

    from then on it didn't get better, I was starting to realize how fucked up this world is, I realized how poor we actually were, what drugs and alcohol abuse looked like, and then I got all wrapped up in it, we would have meth heads and pill heads dosed out trying to kill people randomly, we constantly heard gunshots and yelling about heroin, eventually I started smoking weed at 9 years old, I only trained for a few months, but holy shit he was fast paced, but he taught me traditional martial arts, not practical usage, meaning I could relax and train, but I didn't know any disarms, weapon defense, etc....I knew how to use a few weapons and that's it, I had a drug deal go wrong one time, and one of my best friends at the time died in front of me, I was left with a gunshot hole in my stomach, but i'm fine now, to be clear the drug deal gone wrong wasn't over me, there was someone else doing a deal that I got caught up in, he was trading for meth, and the guy tried to rip him off, so you know how that goes

    after that I never stopped smoking weed, but it wasn't as often, now it's a time or two per month tops, because regardless of what people tell you (this ones directed to the kids) weed isn't good for you, it doesn't make you go insane, or make your dick fall off or anything like you'd see in commercials and bible study but here's a serious list of negative effects, and some positives too

    Pro: Weed has medical usage dependent on the strain, it can help you focus, increase reaction time, reduce anxiety, or just chill out

    Con: Dependent on the strain as well, memory loss, dehydration, munchies (bad for your health of course) the smoke still effects your lungs, but it's not as bad as tobacco, can still hurt you though and that's about it

    now of course you CAN get addicted to it, I never have, I don't know anyone who has, i'd say it's about a 10 percent chance, but anyone can get addicted to anything

    Well due to the fact that i never moved out of the neighborhood I still had problems, I was in constant street fights, and shit, I have a few more gunshot wounds and scars from knives to add to my collection, and that'll probably never change until I move out and become rich and succesful

    I still have a lot of issues but nothing life changing anymore

    I don't have PTSD, or dreams of my dead friends, or anything of the sort...I'll still get into some street fights every now and then but you know

    I started becoming dependent on alcohol not too long ago, finally when I woke up on the side of the road, I decided to quit drinking as heavily, I might enjoy a shot every now and then but it's all good now, I haven't gotten DRUNK since, and I plan to keep it that way

    I don't know if this post will be removed, and this is an illegal story, i'm sure if someone hated me bad enough they could call the cops on me and share them this story, but i'm not too worried about that

    I wanted to share this for a few reasons like I said, and while I kept out the most gruesome parts and details there is still a little left to it, but nothing too major

    Here are just some of the reasons

    There have been rumors of me being an alcoholic, or a drug abuser, etc, and people have gotten details from my life that don't exist, if you hear anything that isn't in this thread then it's not real that simple

    I want people to know that everyone has problems and nobody on this website is alone, I'm not a therapist by any means but I do at least have the experience behind me and I do understand what trouble and heartache and shit is like, nobody is alone here

    the ignorant kids that think they have problems need to snap the fuck out of it, listen to your parents, respect all people around you, and don't start fights, that's my life advice for all of you, even if you're older than me, but it directly targets the kids, your parents spanking you or taking away an Xbox isn't abuse, and i'm tired of hearing little kids that don't understand how the world works

    I am in no way a life advice guy? a little bit more to my story is I do go to a lot of parties, hook up with people I shouldn't, and some kids keep asking me for advice on relationships and shit, stop asking about relationships I have no idea what the fuck is going on there, and don't go to me about how to get a one night stand because I do not encourage that behavior at all lol,

    you need to experience life for yourself and that's something I can't truly stress enough, experience in my mind is the key to maturity, after all this shit has happened to me I don't go start fights or be an asshole to everyone just because i'm "troubled" people that do that are just weak minded, whenever I get into a school fight I usually don't do anything, not because I can't fight or i'm scared, just because if a kid wants to hit me once or twice I don't give a shit, it's something some of you people need to learn, nobody is a "warrior" I fight when I'm forced into a situation or I'm protecting someone I care about, stop with the petty "I saw you talking to my women so we're gonna fight" people need to learn how to settle things with words, violence should only be a last solution

    I guess I should say don't do drugs and drink but I don't believe that, the most important thing I can tell any of you is to keep a balance in your life, don't get so drunk that you don't remember it the next morning, and don't get so high that you're throwing up, just don't do hard drugs and shit that's just stupid, if you wanna throw your life away that's up to you, but i'm just trying to give some advice

    well I guess that about wraps it up, I just wanted to get some rumors out of the way and maybe let some people know that they're not alone, if you're up to it I encourage you to share your life stories or your problems, idleserver isn't a fuckin therapy website but it never hurts to let some stuff off your chest, if you need someone to rant to hit me up with a message, usually I don't care, and if i'm busy or I don't want to talk i'll simply tell you, if I don't like you I'll tell you, I can't stand sugarcoating shit

    My job here is a moderator keep that in mind, and nothing more, i'm not everyones friend but that doesn't mean i'm heartless and won't listen

    like I said this is a very very simplified version, I have had more things happen, but anything else said by someone else is just a rumor, because i haven't and won't share anymore, I'd like to keep it mostly PG so you know I have to slim it down in length and detail
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    Wow that was a roller coaster of a read
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    I don't have PTSD, or dreams of my dead friends, or anything of the sort...I'll still get into some street fights every now and then but you know

    This part is really fortunate.
    A large portion of my family is prior military, and having heard of how one of attempted to remove a man's leg with a fire axe to try and get him to safety after a bomb went off, but he died of blood loss anyway... with my basic training in combat medical care from having served for four years myself I can definitely imagine how this could've gone if you weren't injured yourself.

    Seemed more like a ramble for personal reasons not really directed at anyone in particular, but I can understand that all too well.
    Sometimes it's just nice to put it in terms that another person can understand.

    At the moment I'm drunk and passing out in my seat, so take it with however many grains of salt as you will;

    The light is always at the end of the tunnel, and the world can't stop time.
    You'll get there buddy.
    Fair winds, and following seas.
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    What ya drinkin' mate

    Seriously i want a vodka
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    I mean there were a lot of reasons I made this thread, mostly it's just to let people know it gets better, and life will be ok

    I know a lot of people here have problems, abusive parents, maybe there parents are in jail for drugs,etc etc....and I do understand how all of that feels, and some people just need to know that they're not alone...thank you for sharing as well arcane

    Captain Morgans Private Stock Rum, I cannot handle vodka...
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    I'm a fan of bourbons myself, but if it fits in my hand I have a tendency to drink it.
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