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    Heya, I'm Aermati, AKA OddlyTaco, AKA Oddly, AKA Taco, and I recently started being interested in IdleServer when I started playing on the Jailbreak server. I've played Jailbreak before many years ago under some edgy name but the memory sticks strong to me. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

    I'm 15 (Yes really. I know I sound like a 34 year old molester.), I live in Houston, I'm bi, I like to crossdress, although so far I only have panties available to me, I have a cute boyfriend and I absolutely love sports. I'm generally open and I don't mind a quick chat, and sometimes people get annoyed because of that.

    Is this too much info? I guess we'll find out soon.

    I listen to underground rap, mostly rappers you've never heard of nor don't care about. My favourite rappers are Syringe (The guy in my profile pic), Riven and Eric North. I don't mind a bit of rock either. Occasionally, I'll listen to Art Of Dying or some other bands, and in the rare case when I'm absolutely bored, I listen to Korn. I know, it's weird.

    The reason for the name change is... change, really. I don't like having the same name for too long, but OddlyTaco was a title for me. It was what made people identify me for who I was, but I needed something else, so I made up this name thinking it looked aesthetically pleasing to the eye. People can still call be Oddly or Taco, considering most of my friends still do it.

    I dunno if I'll ever apply to be mod or even admin, but considering I hate being the center of attention for too long, I'll just keep it as undecided.

    Welp, I guess I'm out of ideas, unless my mind remembers anything else to say, so I'll end it here.

    If you ever want to chat, hit me up on Steam. I'm always available.
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    Love you dad.
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