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    Hello guys!

    So i just want to say to everyone in case of me not being on the server as much or where ever i am at and all, i just recently got hired at another job the previous Saturday and i start my first day at my new place on Sunday

    I currently work at another job so i am working of total of 2 jobs so mostly one of my fast food and one of my career which is arcade.

    It's gonna be hard with me (for awhile till i get used to it as this is my first time working 2 jobs) i managed to work 6 days a week because 7 is just too much and as summer comes by, i am trying to grind allot of hours between my 2 jobs and other events happening (which i cannot say here due to it being private and also family business) i am trying to move stuff over to the new area and i am trying to rack up money so i can save for me to go to college in the next spring as i am running bit low on money ( meaning budget) and i wont be on as much but i am trying my best to be on except i took off one day i work 2 jobs with both part times which equals with full time but the new job is sorta kinda have like 10 hours a week so its not gonna be much stress but i am(again) trying to rack up or save up money so i can go out of town and all and just have fun before summer is over as summer is about to start.

    Anyways you can always chat with me (discord, steam, whatever) if you want to contact me if i am not on the servers i am sorry this is late notice but i am excited to work at my new job with my career as a arcade attendant but also (thank god) glad have my primary job which is a trainer and main FOH general worker. (Register, dining room, etc)

    I wish myself luck in this and if you want to contact me anytime you can do so as my phone is sorta dry XD

    -Valias (Jailbreak Admin)
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    Good luck Valias, don't stress yourself out.
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