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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by McChunky, Jan 2, 2019.

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  1. McChunky

    McChunky Previously Bear Heavy 2

    Idk why RedTf2 banned me all I said was “Homophobic slur” I didn’t say Any slurs though. I specifically said that. I don’t even know why it deserves a ban. If anyone reads this explain very detailed on why saying “Homophobic slur” is bannable. Please and thank you!
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  2. DoctorDingDong

    DoctorDingDong Supreme Donger Lord Staff Member JailBreak Admin

    You weren't banned for saying "Homophobic slur"; you were banned for using actual homophobic slurs.
    Your ban reason states "Homophobic Slurs (2018-12-29 16:14) (2018-12-28 19:40)".
    The two dates in the ban reason are specific times where you recently used a homophobic slur.
    Both of these instances are present in your chat log:
    (2018-12-29 16:14)
    "Ham is a big ass faggot."
    (2018-12-28 19:40)
    "dont say that or ur a underfag."

    For further info:
    Your Ban
    Your Chat Log

    For future reference, we have a section for Ban Appeals (assuming that's what you were attempting to do). Please don't post this kind of stuff in General. Regardless, your ban is not being lifted and as such this thread is locked.
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