Engineers Building Sentrys

Discussion in 'JailBreak Reports' started by Captain Meliodas, Nov 24, 2016.

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    I took a couple of screen shots and I took some of the engineer and some of the people on the server to see if you want to ask them about it just in case (though I doubt you will) 20161124155650_1.jpg

    We warned him multiple times and he only started after Qminegod got off.So of course it was intentional Though he didn't kill any reds with it unless they rebelled he put one in armory to make sure we couldn't get in

    20161124154920_1.jpg 20161124154908_1.jpg
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  2. Instinct

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    This is what I like to call sufficient proof to ban someone thanks you and we will deal with them shortly.
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  3. Rosenbaum
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    big thumbs up, meliodas
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