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    Disclaimer: Most of these rules were pulled from an archive, they are subject to updates and changes over the next while, I do plan to completely reformat these rules, I just needed them back.

    Basic Rules of the Server:

    IdleServer.Com is an English only Speaking/Typing Server It is a free for all server anybody can be killed and those asking to not be killed multiple times may be kicked.

    Obey the admins at all times - Do not disobey an admin request. They are there to enforce the rules and to ensure fair play. If you feel an admin or admins are abusing his/her/their powers you can report this here on our forum under the support section

    The idle servers are free for all, expect to be killed. "Friendly" does not exist on these servers. Constantly complaining that you are being killed or saying you are friendly can get you gagged/muted.

    Camping outside spawn is allowed, don''t like it, kill them first. Camping inside spawn is NOT allowed.DON'T be a asshole.

    Don't beg for admin or VIP. If you are not an admin do not threaten to ban or kick people. Just because you have Wing or Princess on your friends list doesn''t mean you can't get banned yourself.

    Do not use automated killing scripts, that can get you kicked/banned from the server.

    Do not use hacks, exploits or glitches, you will be banned.Teleporting idlers where they cant actually idle will result in a kick or ban.

    Rules for the mic/chat:

    Loud-mouthed punk kids (LMPKs) will be permabanned.

    Racists will be permabanned.

    Cussing people out or calling names will get you gagged/muted.

    No spamming text or voice.

    Dont type in all caps.

    Annoying little kids on the mic will be muted.

    No begging for free items, let''s face it, it''s annoying.

    No offering to trade on voice chat (go to our trade server).

    Dont tell others to leave or gtfo or etc everybody is welcome.

    If you call somebody hacker better have proof or prepared to get kicked.

    Dont abuse the plugin system.

    Porno peddlers will be permabanned.In Summary:

    We try for a chill server where you can kill people and hangout & -Expect to be killed and dont think you are special and immune to being. killed -Personal threats and truly egregious violations will always lead to a permanent ban from our servers.COMMON SENSE RULES

    Be respectful to everyone- Respect and be thoughtful to everyone on the server, even if someone is being an ass, then the admin will deal with them. The rule of thumb is you should try and remain as polite as possible at all times on the servers and if you are in the group and are wearing the group tag, then you are representing the group your bad behavior will reflect badly onto us all.

    Let the admins play - If we´re online and playing another on game or server, it´s because we want to play, and not to babysit all the time. If you have any issues then please go to the website/forum first. If someone is actively cheating or breaking the server rules, and there´s no admin on the server to deal with the matter, then it´s appropriate to bring it to our attention at once. Otherwise, please let us play.

    If you are caught wasting an admin´s time intentionally, or continually calling an admin to investigate players on a server, which prove to be nothing more than a better skilled player, the admin team reserve the right to take action against such a person.
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