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Discussion in 'Reports' started by Ghastol, Nov 21, 2018.

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  1. Ghastol
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    Ghastol Active Member

    What is the problem? Michael Rosen

    What do you want us to do? Tell him he his mod abusing and to stop it

    Steam ID for the person you are reporting.

    What server were you on? All relevant jailbreak servers

    What time? Multiple occasions

    Additional information? Spectators and Dead:
    1. Do not reveal anyone's position.
    2. Do not reveal if any reds have ammo.
    3. Do not reveal anything to assist a player in killing other players.

    (Let's say there is no climb on a map and I say they are in climb, Michael Rosen would gag for it even though it's not reasonable so please tell him to stop or something)
  2. gamer

    gamer Well-Known Member

    I can vouch, not necissarily saying I had actually experienced this because I don't really ghost or whatever but i've seen many people get muted/gagged for this reason. He says "Fake ghosting is still ghosting"
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  3. J Triggs
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    J Triggs Senior Jailbreak Admin Staff Member JailBreak Admin Senior Admin

    I'm the one that started gagging from it.
    It's annoying and time consuming.
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