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    IdleServer.Com Jailbreak, User and Administrative Rules

    Any rules that guards break can result in a guard ban, time is determined by the administrative user that issues the ban.​

    1. You are not allowed to leave warden presence without permission from the warden, this includes but is not limited to:
    a. “I’m out of ammo”.
    b. “I need health”.
    c. “That prisoner is running away”.
    d. Exceptions:
    i. Peach picture on ba_mlcastle_vX.
    I. This does not mean follow them to soccer, this only means you can go as far back as the far end of the gateway between outside obstacle course and the hallway.​
    ii. Behind the cell on jb_supermario_vX.
    iii. To the side of the cell on jb_fuckzz_final_vX.
    iv. Vent room exit on jb_turbine_vX.
    v. Box Game cell exit on jb_alkatraz_X.​
    2. You are not allowed to break or use any red specific entities, this includes but is not limited to:
    a. Tardis.
    b. Reds entrance(s) to armory.
    c. Gun shop.
    d. Teleporters.
    e. Elevators.
    f. Vent room on jb_turbine_vX, you may enter it after one and a half minutes have progressed in the round.
    g. Exception: You may enter tunnels that have already been opened.
    i. Tunnels are defined as spaces at which you must crouch through with at least 4 player steps between ends.
    ii. You are also allowed to jump into the armory pits on snowday if they're open.
    iii. Roof armory hatches, are not viable.
    iv. You are allowed to travel through the sewer network on jb_famouz_2_X, and break vents to get out of sewer as long as it's not the armory exit.​
    3. You are not allowed to random kill anyone.
    a. You are not allowed to kill blues.
    b. You are not allowed to revenge kill.
    c. You are not allowed to taunt kill anyone.
    i. Exception: Current activity is hide n’ seek.​
    4. You are required to keep an eye on chat, if anyone says your name in the context that you killed them, you are required to tell them why they died, if an administrative user has to get involved you will be given two (maybe three) chances before a slay is issued, if excessive you will receive a guard ban.
    5. You are not allowed to bait other players, explained better below (Section: Baiting).
    6. You are not allowed to kill reds because they are micro steps off of where they are supposed to be.
    7. You must be willing to go warden to be on the guards team at all, if you're not you must switch back to red.
    8. You must have a decent quality microphone in order to be on the guards team.
    9. The last red alive gets death request unless it is a quick end round, such as, but not limited to:
    a. Rapid Rockets Day.
    b. Hold down the fort.​
    10. You are not allowed to let any reds free unless the warden pardons them, this is favoritism.
    11. You are not allowed to camp anywhere.
    a. Exception: In armory / command center while waiting for reds to hide during hide n’ seek, or hunger games.​
    12. You are not allowed to do any action that gives reds ammunition.
    a. Exceptions: Death request.​
    13. During last guard rule or “LGR” you must save the last prisoner for last request and death request.
    a. Exception: The last red is the one who cause LGR action to be taken, they do not get last request, however they do get death request.​
    14. You're not allowed to kill more than half of the warden obeying reds.
    a. Exception: They are detouring or delaying.​
    15. You are not allowed to refuse being warden.
    16. All game and cell controls are warden only unless you have permission from the warden.
    a. Exceptions:
    i. Blue side doors.
    ii. Red side doors for activities the reds are not currently doing.​
    17. You are not allowed to deny death request when you are required to give it.
    a. Attempting to evade death request counts as denying death request, you must somewhat make your way to the last red, or a meet up point.​
    18. If you are not the warden, you will not act like the warden, if you want to reinstate what the warden said, you can say "Warden said to XXXXX".
    19. All questions asked during trivia, jeopardy or similar must be related to Valve games.
    20. You are not allowed to enter the 'toggle' room on jailfort.
    21. If the warden gives you an order you are expected to follow it.
    a. Exception: Suicide orders.
    i. Activities such as gladiators day do not count as suicide orders.​
    22. Last guard rule will not be initiated if you were intentionally baiting.
    23. You are not allowed to pick up ammo that is intended for reds, examples:
    a. Soccer ammo (ba_mlcastle_vX).
    b. Ammo hidden behind red entrances.​
    1. All guards team rules apply.
    2. Orders will be given through your microphone, in a clear easy to understand voice, no alterations of any kind.
    3. If there is only one red eligible for last request you must give that red last request, you may only choose not to give it if you require them to pass a certain stage within the activity or complete the activity, you must still offer them death request.
    4. You are not allowed to let a (or group of) red(s) do something different than the mass of the team.
    a. Exception: Medic so long as they do the activity with the rest of the reds.​
    5. Second order supersedes the first order, examples:
    a. “Out of cell rebel, all reds go to the yellow line”, reds will go to the yellow line.
    b. “Reds go to the yellow line, out of cell rebel”, reds will stay in their cells.
    c. Exception: Toggles, “Out of cell rebel is now active”, “Out of cell rebel is now inactive”.
    i. You will not toggle on more than one day at a time.
    ii. Toggles can be any phrasing that implies the order is meant to last through out the day.
    I. 'Day' is exempt from being classified as a toggle.​
    6. You are not allowed to give impossible orders.
    7. Orders are to be stated each and every round, do not say “like last round”.
    8. Server-wide free day’s are not allowed, giving them out will result in an immediate guard ban.
    9. All non-rebel and non-free day reds must be out of their cells within 1 minute of the round starting.
    10. You will not say "first reaction, last reaction, first reaction, etc...", one or the other at a time.
    11. You will not say "warden kills only" just because you want the kill, but only to prevent the other blues from messing up.
    12. You are not allowed to do the same activities as last round.
    a. Exceptions:
    i. Last request requested activities.
    ii. Round enders, "first reaction, last reaction", ect...​
    13. You cannot lie.
    14. You must stay with the non rebelling reds, you cannot leave them for any reason.
    15. You are required to give at least one repeat per round, this can be done at any point within the round.
    16. When naming reds, keep your name choices away from conflicting or confusing names (ex. blues, guards, wardens, free days, player specific names).
    17. Ordering your blues to their potential death with activities such as Gladiator, will not activate Last Guard Rule if you send yourself or the remaining blue into the group of reds.
    18. Pardoning a single red is not favoritism as long as you're not pardoning them with favoritism as your point.
    19. When playing hide n' seek, mann hunt, or other game that involves the reds to hide / avoid blues as the activity, you must give a minimum hide time of 1 minute.
    20. Each waypoint you place must adhere to these rules:
    a. Waypoints must be visible to all reds.
    b. The first of a series of waypoints must be announced.​
    21. When starting simon says you must (order doesn't matter):
    a. Name someone (usually yourself) as 'simon'.
    b. Inform everyone that simon says you are playing simon says.​
    1. Once you reach the specified map line, it is expected for you to be AFK frozen unless warden says otherwise.
    2. Do not cheat during any activities.
    3. Wardens are not required to say “no detours and delays”, you’re expected to take the most direct path without slow downs (includes console controllers).
    4. If cell doors open before orders you are required to go to the most generic map line and AFK freeze, refusing will make you rebel.
    5. If you have ammo you are rebel for the rest of the round regardless of what the warden says.
    6. If you die, shouting “free kill” will result in you being gagged, we need a name.
    7. If you're respawned, you are expected to go straight to the group, you may rebel afterwards, if you do not head back to the group, you may be slain by an administrative user.
    8. If it is 'guards melee only' you will not hide during hide n' seek in places that require guns in order to kill you, this is round delay and will result in a slay.
    a. This includes but is not limited to being inside a game (excludes games like 'Crush Game', 'Nine Square', ect..).​
    9. Hiding in one time spots, or camping in areas completely inaccessible to guards will result in a slay.
    10. You may not chase baiters, doing so makes you rebel.
    11. As a rebel you are not required to be actively rebelling, however you are required not to cause round delay.
    12. It is implied for you to go to warden waypoints as they are placed.
    13. During various games with friendly fire enabled, if you are grouped in teams, killing your own team takes away your eligibility for last request.​
    Spectators and Dead:
    1. Do not reveal anyone's position.
    2. Do not reveal if any reds have ammo.
    3. Do not reveal anything to assist a player in killing other players.​
    Free days: (These rules don't apply once you lose your free day)
    1. You are not allowed to give the guards any information whatsoever.
    2. Once you have ammo you no longer have free day.
    3. You are not allowed to interfere with the day at all, this includes but is not limited to:
    a. Entrances.
    b. Standing near blues (you're interfering with their jobs).​
    4. You are not allowed to enter any control rooms without prior permission.
    5. You are allowed to get ammo, this is not free day abuse.
    6. Feel free to kill blues making you exempt to these rules as you no longer will have free day.
    7. Being in armory even if you don't have ammo is grounds for free day removal.
    8. By breaking any rules you are giving administrative users permission to remove your free day, forcefully.​
    General rules:
    2. You are not allowed to activate the jetpack on Chretien.
    3. You are not allowed to obtain anti-gravity on Snowday.
    4. Exploiting various methods to get around punishments will result in a ban, this is your one and only warning.
    5. We do not allow smartassery.
    6. You're not allowed to impersonate staff members.
    7. You are not allowed to voice over the warden.
    8. If you’re AFK expect to be killed.
    9. Force bait doesn't exist, they're rebels, plain and simple.
    10. Detour and/or delaying is defined as: Any action that slows the round down or not taking the most direct path.
    a. Exceptions:
    i. If reds dead stop it is likely they are trying to type something out, you must give them 5 seconds. If they start moving again without sending any relevant message to chat, they are delaying.
    ii. A quick check for baiters surrounding reds is not delay.​
    11. While using your microphone you must speak clearly and using your voice, not a voice changer.
    12. You are not allowed to play Rocket Rider, hit the auditory cactus, or trigger the 'Putin' song on jb_alkatraz_vX.
    13. There is no favoritism under any circumstances.
    14. Do not equip banned weapons.
    a. Most weapons on the banned list are automatically unequipped, however the banned items list is updated more than the removal system.​
    15. Being excessively rude in chat can get you gagged.​
    1. Pre-Scoping - Scoping without immediate intent to kill.
    2. Revving your mini-gun.
    3. Being close to reds (This includes being a single action away, such as a jump).
    4. Knocking players around, ex. Airblast, Shortstop Knockback.
    5. Being in reds cells while they're supposed to be in there.
    6. Partaking in the reds activity that is not supposed to involve the blues.​
    Banned Items:
    1. Bonk Atomic Punch.
    2. Crit a Cola.
    3. Mad Milk.
    4. Projectile of the Sandman (Blue).
    5. Projectile of the Wrap Assassin (Blue).
    6. Shortstop Knockback (Blue).
    7. Airblasting (Blue).
    8. The Gas Passer.
    9. The Thermal Thruster.
    10. Shields.
    11. Stickies (Blue).
    12. PDA's of all types.
    13. Machina (kill multiple in one shot).
    14. Shooting star (kill multiple in one shot).
    15. Sydney Sleeper (Jarate).
    16. Jarate.
    17. Dead Ringer.
    18. Cloak and Dagger (and alternatives).
    19. Invisibility Watch (and alternatives).​
    Last Request and Activities:
    1. Map Specific Activities.
    2. Hunger Games.
    3. Hide n’ Seek.
    4. Custom last requests through a map change, although these are entirely optional, must still comply with last request rules (Map changes are to signify a fresh start).​
    1. Red Warden - Round Prevention.
    2. EvilLR - Round Prevention.
    3. Teleport Request - Requires what could be seen as abuse.
    4. Anything Sexual - Disrespectful.
    5. Force Wardens - Issues.
    6. Effects - You’re not special.
    7. Conga day - Round Prevention.
    8. "Taunt transit" - Annoying.
    9. Multiple LR's or DR's - Time doesn't allow for.
    10. Anything that can be considered 'Round Prevention'.
    11. Custom LR Request Repeats (Same custom LR twice in a row) - Almost always results in the same person getting LR multiple times in a row.​
    Banned Activities:
    1. Anything that offers unfair odds.
    2. Cell Wars - Kills too many in one go.
    3. The Hidden - Not allowed to invis.
    4. Shoot or Don't Shoot - Potential Favoritism.
    5. Bad Luck Day - Kills too many in one go.
    6. Any activity involving sweeper that isn't sweeper.
    i. Don't think that Minecraft's wipeout is an exception, it's not.​
    7. Burger King Massacre - Hop's automatic map function (the button in the locked room) is not allowed due to potential abuse, follow the rules outlined in 'Last Requests and Activities > Unacceptable > 3'.
    8. War Day - Not allowed, LR request hold down the fort instead.
    9. Ghost Hunt on jb_chretien_remastered_eng - Permanent blind.
    10. Jojo Reference on jb_lunapark_bX - Breaks map round timer.​
    Conditional Activities:
    1. Pokemon - Allowed under conditions:
    a. 10 red players participate max (two teams of 5).
    b. Red vs. Red, with guards as the masters.​
    2. Salty Spittoon - Favoritism, allowed if at least 3 blue members participate in vote, alive or dead.
    3. Theater - Allowed if there are 5 or less participating reds.
    4. Diner - Allowed if there are 5 or less participating reds.
    5. Trivia (or similar) - Allowed if there are 5 or less participating reds.
    6. First reaction, last reaction - Allowed if there are 5 or less participating reds.
    7. Gladiator Day / Sharks and Minnows - Must have 10 rounds between these activities, also must be done in a fair sized area (no small rooms).
    8. Meat Grinder - Due to abuse and excessive repetition, allowed only after multiple consecutive mass rebellions.​
    Last Request:
    1. Hold down the fort - Allowed with administrative permission, and chosen via Custom LR.
    a. After three minutes have progressed through the game, the approving staff member must teleport all reds to an acceptable location near the fort.
    b. Location selected must be a decently sized area.​
    2. “Warden must say XXXX, after every order” - allowed under warden discretion - Annoying.
    3. Apocalypse Day - Must be done in a decently sized area.
    4. Pigeon War - Everyone is allowed to fight each other, guards are not allowed to use guns to kill.​
    Death Request:
    1. You must complete your death request within 2 minutes. - Prevents delay.
    2. You cannot request any death request that requires staff members to enact. - Can be seen as abuse.​
    1. Do not randomly use any commands.
    2. Do not use slap or similar.
    3. Do not colorize anyone.
    a. Exception: Free day / warden identification.​
    4. Instant mute microphone spammers, you may add time if needed.
    5. Instant gag chat spammers, you may add time if needed.
    6. Reasons to guard ban:
    a. Anything that goes against guard or warden rules, that a slay isn’t sufficient for.
    b. Anything that you truly believe deserves this action.​
    7. You are not allowed to start random votes, acceptable votes:
    a. “Good” - Mainly Hat, Joke, or Spray day.
    b. “Activity” - When no one can decide.​
    8. Abuse of any commands can and will result in your removal of access to that command.
    9. Do not make anyone invisible for any reason (this includes alpha).
    10. All say commands are to be used to enforce rules that are close to being broken, or used to provide a reason as to why you did an action within the server in the logs to back you up in abuse reports.
    11. You are not allowed to teleport more than three times per minute, anymore and abuse will be determined by who you’re teleporting.
    12. Someone calls you into a server you can’t make it, you at the very least attempt to call someone else in.
    13. Do not use blind.
    14. Do not PvP for sport.
    15. Do not ever respawn yourself, have other staff members respawn you.
    a. Exception: You are the only administrative user in the server, or cannot be targeted by other administrative users that are presently in the server.
    b. If you do respawn yourself, you must give a valid reason using either "csay" or "hsay" right after you respawn yourself, failure to do so loosens your defense if a report is filed.​
    1. All Mod guidelines.
    2. Only use ban if the user is getting too far out of control, examples:
    a. Most of the server has already issued a vote ban on this player.
    b. This player is causing you to reissue commands on them each map change.​
    Most commands have interchangeable prefix characters (! and /) (ex. /rules OR !rules).
    1. rules - Brings up this page in game.
    2. fp - Activates first person, used mainly after tp.
    3. tp - Activates third person.
    4. w or warden - Will set you to warden if there is no warden already chosen, requires you are on the blue team.
    5. Warden:
    a. uw or unwarden - Unsets your warden status, you should never use this command as it's usage is a guard bannable offence.
    b. wmenu or wardenmenu - Opens the wardens control menu.
    c. open - Opens cell doors if the map supports this.
    d. close - Closes cell doors if the map supports this.
    e. wcc - Enables collisions.
    f. wff - Enables friendly-fire, requires admin acceptance.
    g. givelr - Opens a menu to grant LR to a specific player.
    h. removelr - Removes a given or round start glitch LR.
    i. waypoint - Spawns a warden waypoint.
    j. guards_mute - Mute the guards team.
    k. prisoners_mute - Mute the prisoners team.
    l. guards_unmute - Unmute the guards team.
    m. prisoners_unmute - Unmute the prisoners team.​
    (Key: Target - Works with Magic Targets, Name - Requires a specific name, () - Required, [] - Optional)
    (Using quotes will not work in chat, running the commands in console (prefix the commands with "sm_") will allow you to use the quotes which in turn allow you to use spaces)
    (Full exact names are not required)
    1. teamban "(Name)" (Time) "(Reason)" - Example: teamban "J Triggs" 60 "Free kill".
    a. Bans a player from Guards team for the specified amount of time spent alive.​
    2. teamunban "(Name)" - Example: teamunban "J Triggs".
    a. Unbans a player from the Guards team allowing them to rejoin it.
    b. Only use this command if you were the issuer, the ban is indefinite, or you were given permission by the ban issuer to remove the ban.​
    3. teamban_status "(Name)" - Example: teamban_status "J Triggs".
    a. Informs the issuer how long remains on the specified players guard ban.
    b. Reads "Player is not banned from guards team." if they're not banned.
    c. If it reads "Player is banned indefinitely." you have full permission to remove the ban.​
    4. forcewarden "[Name]" - Example: forcewarden OR forcewarden "J Triggs".
    a. Forces a player warden, unspecified: picks a random guard, specified: sets that player to warden regardless of which team they're on.​
    5. respawn "(Target)" - Example: respawn "J Triggs".
    a. Respawns the specified target(s).
    b. Using 'respawnd' or 'respawndead' will have the same effect, but only on dead players.​
    6. denylr - Example: denylr.
    a. Removes any actively queued last requests and clears the red LR text from the bottom of the screen.​
    7. givefreeday "[Name]" - Example: givefreeday OR givefreeday "J Triggs".
    a. Specified: gives said player free day, unspecified: opens a menu with a list of all current players who do not have free day.​
    8. removefreeday "[Name]" - Example: removefreeday OR removefreeday "J Triggs".
    a. Specified: removes said players free day, unspecified: opens a menu with a list of all current players who have free day.​
    9. freeze "(Target)" [Seconds] - Example: freeze "J Triggs" 100.
    a. Freezes target(s) in place for specified amount of seconds, if unspecified it will freeze for 10 seconds.
    b. If the target(s) are already frozen they will be unfrozen rather than frozen.​
    10. forceunmute "(Target)" - Example: forceunmute "J Triggs".
    a. Forcibly unmute a player, works regardless of how they're muted.​
    11. tele "(Target)" - Example: tele "J Triggs".
    a. Teleport players to various locations within the map.
    b. Remember, Administrative - Mod #11.​
    12. move "(Target)" "(Team name)" - Example: move "J Triggs" "red".
    a. Valid team names are "red", "blue", "blu", "spec", and "spectator".​
    Magic Targets:
    1. @red - Targets everyone on the red team.
    2. @blue - Targets everyone on the blue team.
    3. @all - Targets everyone in the server.
    4. @dead - Targets all dead players, spectators included.
    5. @me - Targets the command issuer.
    6. @freedays - Targets free days.
    7. @warden - Targets the warden.
    8. @!warden - Targets everyone but the warden.​
    (Copy the entire chunk between "[]")
    (Change "(KEY)" to your preferred key, Click here for help)
    1. Free day color: [bind (KEY) "sm_colorize @all normal; sm_colorize @freedays (COLOR); sm_colorize @warden yellow; sm_hsay Free day identification."].
    a. Change "(COLOR)" to an unused color, most of us use 'black'.
    b. Example: bind KP_HOME "sm_colorize @all normal; sm_colorize @freedays black; sm_colorize @warden yellow; sm_hsay Free day identification."​
    2. Hide n' Seek toggle bind: (requires the use of a bind file)
    [alias HnSFreeze "alias HnS HnSUnfreeze; sm_freeze @red -1; sm_freeze @freedays 0; sm_hsay Hide n' Seek, start." alias HnSUnfreeze "alias HnS HnSFreeze; sm_freeze @red 0; sm_hsay Hide n' Seek, end." alias HnS "HnSFreeze" bind (KEY) "HnS"]​
    3. SpeakOver bind: (requires the use of a bind file)
    [alias +SpeakOver "sm_speakover; +voicerecord" alias -SpeakOver "-voicerecord; sm_speakover" bind (KEY) "+SpeakOver"]​

    These rules are subject to change and should be re-read at least once a month for normal users and twice a month for staff members.

    If you find one of these rules to be outrageous, contact any of the IdleServer.Com Jailbreak staff members.
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    (From wings post)

    Before we start, you may be asking yourself: "What is Jailbreak?" Jailbreak is a gamemode in which the Prisoners (REDs) are commanded by the Warden, who is on the Guards (BLUs). The objective for red is to successfully kill all the guards without being killed yourself. However, you must also follow the Warden's orders. If you do not do so, you are called a rebel.

    A rebel is a person who has either attacked a guard, has not followed the wardens orders, or has a weapon. Rebels are usually automatically kill on sight (KoS) unless the warden pardons them. An instance in where a Warden pardons a rebel is where a guard was baiting.

    Baiting is what happens where a guard gets in the hitting range of a prisoner. A prisoner has all means to hit the guard if they are in their melee range. You can be banned from BLU by an admin if you bait too often. Other instances of baiting include: A heavy revving (spinning) up his minigun, a soldier using the rocket jumper to hit prisoners or the ground around them, and a demoman placing down stickies near Prisoners. Free days cannot be baited.

    Free days:
    Free days are players that cannot be killed by any normal player besides the warden. A free day may do as he/she wishes, as long as they do not interfere with activities or kill/hit any guards at which point they are no longer free day. Players can receive a free day from an admin or the last request menu.

    Last Request (LR):
    A last request is given from the warden to the last non-rebelling red. A player may not receive LR twice in a row if they're free day. After the player has been given LR, he/she may choose a death request.

    Death Request (DR):
    DR means two different things: Death Request and Deathrun. Death Request is how a player chooses to end the round. Deathrun is a minigame within jailbreak where the prisoners race through a deadly course controlled by the warden/guards team.

    First Reaction / Last Reaction (FR/LR):
    First reaction / Last reaction is a game played by 5 or less prisoners. When the warden says first reaction ____, you do not do anything, if you do the action, you die. If he/she says last reaction ____, do the action that he said and hope that you were not the last one to do it. If you were last, you die.

    Out of Cell Rebel:
    If the warden says "Out of Cell Rebel", do not leave your cell. If you do, you are automatically considered a rebel and you are KOS (Kill on Sight).

    Free kill:
    A free kill is when a prisoner is killed without a legitimate reason. Free kills happen often and when they do, it is best that you contact an admin.

    Obstacle Course (Obby):
    Obstacle Course is found on most jailbreak maps. Obby is like deathrun without the guards controlling it.

    Away From Keyboard (AFK Frozen, away from mouse (AFM) is also implied):
    AFK frozen means no crouching, no looking around, no taunting, no moving, no cloaking, no healing, you are not even there. It is also not limited to what you read here, like it says you are not even there, if you find this difficult, put your hands in the air.
    Exception: Reds are allowed to use voice or text chat while away from keyboard.​
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