I'm Coming back?

Discussion in 'Don't Taze Me Bro!' started by link_link_link, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. link_link_link

    link_link_link Well-Known Member Former Staff

    Hey guys, been like 2 years since some you of last saw me (unless it was today when i was on dallas #1) and i was thinking of coming back (insert really heart felt story here). Also i'm board and doing jailbreak again sounds like a good change. (yes ill review the rules). Once I feel conferrable with the rules ill ask/apply If i can mod again.

    See you guys out on the servers!
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  2. King dedeDuckHunt

    King dedeDuckHunt Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    I have only heard of legends of you. Welcome back and hope to get to know you better
  3. Hepodix♦

    Hepodix♦ Can't Stop

    Welcome back! I still remember when you banned me for not having a mic.
  4. Optimist

    Optimist Well-Known Member

    Ain’t that swell?
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