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Discussion in 'Denied Admin Applications' started by Mistress MIranda, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Mistress MIranda

    Mistress MIranda One Poster

    State and Country (not city): Canada, Bc

    Primary Language: English

    Favorite Pizza Topping: Canadian

    Servers: Idle servers one and two

    HLStatsX:https: //idleserver.com/stats/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=111306

    Time Zone: Pacific Time - west British Columbia

    Admin Experience: I was an admin once for a small server

    Additional Information: Dont really got much going on so i would be on the idle servers lots

    Name the Director of the Admin: Are lord and savoir Hyro

    Support: Aya Shameimara
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  2. PieALaMode

    PieALaMode One Poster

    Miranda is surprisingly good at handling stupid bullshit from players.
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  3. Biff2

    Biff2 One Poster

    Even though Miranda isnt an admin, sometimes I forget that shes not. She does a good job not getting angry and isnt poop
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  4. SWC ^DubsteP.

    SWC ^DubsteP. One Poster

    Miranda is responsible of being an admin,she's good at handling crap from other players.
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  5. Aya Shameimaru

    Aya Shameimaru Ex-Admin of Idleserver.Com. Former Staff

    +Rep Miranda is the bae
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