Mod Abuse or Just Plain Douche?

Discussion in 'JailBreak Reports' started by Aegeus Dusk, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. Aegeus Dusk

    Aegeus Dusk Well-Known Member

    So i was on jailbreak tonight when it was last guard kills all and killed all 3 reds not knowing that i was supposed to leave 1 alive. I don't even think i was supposed to leave one alive because of favoritism or something. So anyways, he guard banned me from Blu for 45 minutes spent alive and not even showing some kind of understanding and just handed me the ban. Not only that but he gagged me for 30 FREAKING F---ING MINUTES after i showed some salt. My words being "Wow, first time I've been guard banned for something i didn't fully know". But it was something like that i said. So the guy gagged me making me even more frustrated and furious so now i don't even know what to say to my favorite jailbreak server. -_-

    Now i did try to take screenshots but Nvidia shadow play messed up again so im left with nothing but a said tale to continue on mod abuse...
  2. metr0

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    Sorry to hear about this, well uh could you tell us who gagged you and we could probably talk to that person? Or just feel free to add me and we can talk about this.
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  3. Aegeus Dusk

    Aegeus Dusk Well-Known Member

    Im trying to remember his name but all i could remember is that i think he had sexy something or whatever in his name
  4. Aegeus Dusk

    Aegeus Dusk Well-Known Member

    his name was Sexy Sarcastic Senpai
  5. Sexy Sarcastic Senpai ★SSS★

    Sexy Sarcastic Senpai ★SSS★ I own a sexy latina girl. Former Staff

    Oh how on earth did I miss this?

    I've teambanned you for disobeying the rules, as I do with everyone who has done this in the time they're used to the servers. I expect you to know the rules, and know what you did poorly, and understanding spamming the chat while having "salt" isn't a good excuse to verify the direction you wanted to change things.

    But, not sure if you have been over this as this was your first offense with me, but know I'm not entirely devoted to labeling every team I peruse at the time. I expect you to understand and fully commit to the teamban and gag if you're abusing the limits of the server.

    But, seriously what's with your use of the word; "douche?"

    Sexy Sarcastic Senpai ★SSS★
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