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Discussion in 'Denied Admin Applications' started by Grey Teknoman, Jul 16, 2016.

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    I'm going to begin my request like this. I feel like Deathrun server #1 needs a bit more watching. I'm a regular in this server, and have seen my share of guillotines thrown from the death, plenty of people hiding from traps, and have definitely witnessed players being the last ones alive, and simply walking around the trapless halls, wasting time. A friend of mine recently became an administrator, and changed Deathrun for the better. However, she spends her time playing different games, but she does visit the server rather often. It irritates me how the players have to be annoyed by other players. So i decided that since i go to this server almost every day, I shall take it upon myself to apply to become an administrator, and help the players when needed.
    About myself; I am a Medic Main with a unique loadout, plenty of TF2 experience, and a kind optomistic personality. I believe that I can help the players. If my age is an issue, I am seventeen years of age. I do hope that this isn't much of a problem.
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  2. Instinct

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    if you can please follow the staff application template this will be easier for you and us to see your experience on the server and such.
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  3. Grey Teknoman

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    Thank you very much for telling me this. I greatly apologize for not noticing this, So If you don't mind, my next reply will be an updated Administrator Application. Have a nice day, and I hope to see you again.
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  4. Grey Teknoman

    Grey Teknoman One Poster

    This is the better Death Run Administrator Application. I do hope this will suffice.

    Age: Seventeen. I do hope this isn't an issue. My birthday arrives in about four and a half months.

    State and Country: United States of America, Texas.

    Primary Language: English.

    Favorite Pizza Topping: I'm going to happily assume this is a joke, but if you must know, it's pepperoni.

    Servers: I play on only the Deathrun servers. I absolutely love your DR servers, which is one reason why I'm even applying.


    Time Zone:
    Central Time Zone. I'm online usually every day. On DR servers. Only yours, to be honest. I hate Skial Servers. Tried one, never again.

    Admin Experience: The last time I was an administrator, I worked for some ass-hat named Jacob. All he really did was whine and complain about other's activity and forced me to take care of it. I simply quit after about a week later. However, I have an admin friend who wishes to help refresh me. I do hope this will suffice. She's already given me a fair explanation as to how this works. I like to give chances. Bans are a no-go, usually. I'm the merciful type. I normally give up to five, or six chances, and several warnings.

    Additional Information: I already somewhat administer rules in the servers. No, I don't threaten to ban them. I tell them to simply stop stalling. Or to stop spamming, otherwise, I would have to summon an administrator. Sometimes I feel bad for having to get my friend to deal with it for me, but sometimes it just goes that far. Some people just like to cause trouble because it's the internet. I simply wish to help atleast calm these people down. Usually when an admin is present, they don't break rules. Sometimes at the mere mention of my friend, they listen to me. I don't want to just constantly threaten to get an admin as if I were an angry child, for one thing. I just want them to stop ruining the fun for other players. I can't be in five servers at once, but I usually hop from DR server to DR server. The regulars are very kind and supportive. Most of them know me right off the bat. And I've always been told that I would make a good admin for these servers.

    Name the Director of the Admin: None other than Wing himself. And his wife, Princess.

    Support: Again, I've heard numerous times that I would make a great admin. Some are even already beginning to recognize me as one, just by setting rules straight, and having my friend there to help me. Today, I literally had to clear the air that I'm not an admin due to someone spreading rumors. However, It's up to you if that can change. I do hope I'm good enough for this task.

    I do hope I'm good enough for a spot. I would love to help out the DR servers as best as I can!
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  5. Instinct

    Instinct Harem King Former Staff

    I do wish we could get some more staff on DR but it's ultimately up to wing and or princess, if they'll put new staff on I've been wanting to get on DR as a staff member but wing and princess are always busy so I don't know if this will get accepted soon i cant really tell you but anyways I'll support this cause we do need more staff on DR.
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