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Discussion in 'JailBreak Reports' started by Juice, Dec 18, 2016.

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    Hey guys, my name is Juice. I'm a fairly new player to the community, I've only been here for about 2 weeks.. Before I start going too deep into my thoughts on the moderator DJ Prodigy, I would like to make it very clear that this is not an attempt to bring him any hate, cause him to loose is staff position, or produce any overall bad feelings towards him. This is my honest opinion on him, and I have no ill will towards him.

    The Reason
    Freekilling is quite a common thing to come across on a jailbreak server, though it is not common to see it when a server moderator is on. About a week ago, I was playing on the Jailbreak server as I normally do, and we were at the end of the round. I was the warden, and I gave the order to go to a location. There were only two remaining reds, DJ Prodigy and another player. The other player attacked me, so I attempted to shoot him. At this time, I had my sniper rifle out and shot, thinking that I was aiming at the player that attacked me. It turns out that as the player stacked on DJ Prodigy to avoid dying, DJ Prodigy was the first one in line. I ended up killing DJ Prodigy on accident. DJ Prodigy saw that this was a clear accident, but he was angry. He went on to say, "Juice, what the fuck dude. Why did you free kill me? That was free kill!". I kept apologising but he guardbanned me for 45 minutes. I can tell anyone reading the thread that if I would have free killed anyone else on accident, he wouldn't have said anything. DJ Prodigy has only done his job in the presence of another admin or when the rules that were broken affected him. Allow me to give you an example: There are three players, one is the warden and the other two are prisoners. These prisoners will be named Prisoner 1 and Prisoner 2. Prisoner 2 is accidently free killed by the warden. Prisoner 2 is a new player, and DJ Prodigy feels no reason to do about the accidental free kill, which is good. Accidents happen. Now, in a different scenario, we can replace Prisoner 2 with DJ Prodigy. DJ Prodigy, being affected by this free kill, would spring into action. He is only concerned for his own well-being and is ruining the experience for many other players with his current mindset. There have been similar instances in which he has shown favouritism towards certain players, exempting them from certain rules. I appreciate you all taking the time to read and reply to this.

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    DJ Prodigy has already been reprimanded for this very occasion, alongside several other similar events. If you have any more recent info, you know who to contact.
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