Team Fortress 2 Update Released

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  1. Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    • Fixed players not being able to rocket jump or stickybomb jump during a truce
    • Fixed missing War Paint icons in the Steam Community Market
    • Updated the Impish Ears to add a missing style
    • Updated the equip_region for the Gourd Grin
    • Updated The Ghoul Box to fix an issue with the materials
    • Updated pl_hasslecastle
      • Added occluders to improve optimization
      • Added a spell book near the first RED spawn and the first BLU spawn
      • Brightened up some areas
      • Fixed some texture misalignments
      • Reduced the saturation of purple spell book patches
      • Changed the ending when BLU wins
      • Fixed the arrow signs not changing near the first RED spawn
      • Fixed an out-of-bounds exploit near the first point
      • Fixed an out-of-bounds exploit in the second BLU spawn
      • Fixed an out-of-bounds exploit near the cliff at the second-to-last point
      • Changed the doors in the second BLU and the first RED spawn rooms to standard ones
      • Fixed a displacement error near the entrance to the last point
      • Moved the resupply cabinet from the second BLU spawn out of the wall
      • Updated the "Kill with a pumpkin bomb" bonus objective to be "Win a round"
      • Fixed some texture errors
      • Brightened up the map
      • General improvements
    • Updated pl_precipice_event_final
      • Lowered amount of entities on the map to prevent crashing
      • Adjusted some misaligned textures around the map
      • Simplified some detail for better performance
      • Combined some models for better performance
      • Removed some clutter to improve readability and fluid movement
      • Fixed some lighting bugs around the map
      • Added a one way door to left flank on last CP for Blu
      • Removed build limitations on both Shack (CP1) and the isolated balcony (final CP)
      • Adjusted health kits in last to be less favorable to defense
    • Updated koth_megalo
      • Fixed players building teleporters in RED spawn
    • Updated pl_bloodwater
      • Fixed exploit using the Minify spell at point A
      • Fixed being able to build as an Engineer in lava pits
      • Bosses no longer get stuck in lava pits
      • Reduced the chance of the Horseless Headless Horsemann and Monoculus spawning
      • Updated all railings to not collide with projectiles and bullets
      • Removed normal-sized skeleton spawn locations

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