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    In a nutshell: One Blue player will activate traps as the entire Red team navigates a booby trapped obstacle course.

    Random player each round will be selected as the Trap Activator and will be placed on Blue team.

    as the runners will run the map avoiding death traps and obstacles .

    What is DeathRun? Death Run is a custom game in Team Fortress 2. Most servers run a queue system where each round you gain points. On round change if you have the most queue points you are selected as the sole member of the Blue Team. It is your goal on Blue to try to set traps off while the Red Team is within the trap radius. Try to prevent all Red Team members from reaching the end of the Death Run.

    Blue Team Wins if all Red are dead and no runners remain.

    Red Team Wins if a single runner makes it to the end of the map. Most maps include a mini-game at the end of the Death Run.

    We have 6 Servers setup to play on.

    DeathRun Servers:
    Server#5: (Ghost upon death)
    Server#6: (Cheap Sticky's)
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