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  1. In Game Name (Steam Name): <DWB> Super Fun Party Medyro

    Have you been around for atleast one month: Yes (Stats for proof)

    Provide the link to your jailbreak stats:

    Are you older than 16: Yes

    What time zone are you in?: CST

    Do you have mic: Yes I have Mic

    Are you willing to go Warden?: Yes

    Have you read JailBreak Introduction?: Yes

    Have you read over the guidelines?: Yes

    How many hours do you have logged on our JailBreak server: 1

    Which Server do you play on the most?: I play them all equally

    Are you in school?: Yes

    Do you have somebody reputable that is vouching for you?: Cardboard

    Other: Well in my stats it said I joined June 26, 2016 I joined a different Idleserver Jailbreak but not Dallas hope that counts, because I've been playing then, does this still count has Dallas or not, I need answers I asked 2 people and they gave me an answer, but still confused.
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  2. luisre1216
    Anime Lover

    luisre1216 Well-Known Member

    I Am Not Going To Support You As Part Of CardBoard Has Been Offline And I really Don't Know If He Supports you An I Cant Find Your Stats Any Where I Entered Your Steam Name And Said User Not Found I Don't Want To Be Mean But If You Get Denied Don't Get Angry You Can Re-apply Any Time Have A Nice day.(Edit)And Until CardBoard Gets on and Says He vouches For you I'll Mabey Change My Mind(Edit)I can Now See Your Stats And cardboard Does Support You Which Changes my mind Have A Wonderful day


    Last edited: Jan 27, 2017
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  3. festive cardboard

    festive cardboard Well-Known Member Former Staff

    I support this application.

    My recommendation for you to gain more support is to continue reviewing the rules and try taking warden more often; it couldn't hurt to be a popular and well-respected player if you're looking to garner support for your application and the first step to achieving that is through taking warden, which I know you're capable of.

    Best of luck,
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  4. Mango Puree

    Mango Puree Well-Known Member

    Do not support, lied to a member of staff before and a player about having mod.

    If I read this correctly, you only have one hour on Jailbreak, which isn't much to know all the rules. I play everyday and I still don't know every rule.

    Never seen you as warden, so I can't really say anything about that, but I overall do not support this moderator application. You do have cardboards support, but I still don't see you as becoming a good member of staff.
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  5. festive cardboard

    festive cardboard Well-Known Member Former Staff

    The applicant certainly needs to become active again. I can guarantee you she has more than the required amount of time, but in order to gain support, taking warden, being active, and becoming a well-known and respected member of the community are a must. These are things I need to see in order to continue offering support to this application.

    Best of luck,
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  6. Captain Meliodas
    Smoking Joe

    Captain Meliodas Well-Known Member Staff Member JailBreak Mod

    Yeah I respect cardboards opinion but I can't agree with the upvote

    though overall Cardboard is correct, if you were to be taking warden be active and become a well known and respected member of the community then you practically have mod. All you have to do is apply

    but this is not the case right now I would be willing to support if I saw you on more and if you expressed how much you know the rules. If you lied about being moderator *which I remember you doing* then it's going to take even longer for the trust and respect to be earned

    I would also like to apologize here to you because I did not know that last post wasn't meant to be your application and you WERE just asking a question. we're just so used to people making stuff like that and it being the actual application so again I apologize on behalf of all of us if they don't feel like apologizing as well.

    I wish to see you on more and I would support you if I knew you better. It's apparent that you aren't going to get a position right now but you might in the future and then I wish you the best of luck
    Captain Melontits

    As a ps I would like to point out that just because cardboard supports somebody doesn't mean that you should support them as well. Luis when a moderator application pops up I would ask that you only put your own opinion up and if you change your mind just delete the post and make a new one. The "who supports me" is up there not so you could say "well, cyan supports so and so, so they are automatically a good moderator application"
    Again just have your own opinion and say what you know. Sorry if this sounded a bit of me being a dick but I strongly disagree with what you said Luisre1216
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  7. festive cardboard

    festive cardboard Well-Known Member Former Staff

    Strongly support this point. I do not wish for anybody to agree simply because of who I am or my reputation; form your own opinions as Captain Meliodas did.
  8. Doc Holiday Punch

    Doc Holiday Punch Well-Known Member Former Staff

    I haven't been on too much but looking at the controversy behind this person's history, I would not fully support this mod app. Of course, I'm no saint myself, however, (not to toot my own horn) I am very well respected around the community and very well known. This brings me to cardboard's opinion. You give out many "You should do this to gain support" or "Doing this will help you gain support", but cardboard, you never say why you supported her? (I'm assuming her because cardboard said "I assure you /she/ has the hours" or whatever. However, if you are going to support someone state why, are they active? do they report players? are they just that damn good at finding rule breakers?

    Not everyone's perfect, and I understand, but do not give advice on how to gain support, when you can't tell me why I should support her.

    ~all love, no hate, ciao,
    - doc
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  9. festive cardboard

    festive cardboard Well-Known Member Former Staff

    You're absolutely right.
    I had previously supported this application because the applicant was a regular that I trusted deeply; she displayed an understanding of the rules and, though quiet, could really open up if she felt comfortable. My hope was that she would open up and represent these positive qualities to a greater extent and to a wider audience.

    Unfortunately, I have not seen much activity from the applicant. It's my understanding that she has some real life responsibilities that get in the way of playtime, and until she opens up and plays more often, I will be changing my rating to potential.

    Best of luck,
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  10. regnam

    regnam yeah its me Staff Member JailBreak Admin Sr. JailBreak Trainer

    Denied to lack of support and bumping. Feel free to reapply again.
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