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Discussion in 'Denied Moderator Applications' started by WithinTheMainCode, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. WithinTheMainCode
    Tube Steak

    WithinTheMainCode One Poster

    In Game Name (Steam Name): WithinTheMainCode

    Have you been around for atleast one month: Yes (Stats for proof)

    Provide the link to your jailbreak stats: https://idleserver.com/jailchat/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=40201

    Are you older than 16: No

    What time zone are you in?: Central Time Zone

    Do you have mic: Yes I have Mic

    Are you willing to go Warden?: Yes

    Have you read JailBreak Introduction?: Yes

    Have you read over the guidelines?: Yes

    How many hours do you have logged on our JailBreak server: 0d 17:02:11h

    Which Server do you play on the most?: I play them all equally

    Are you in school?: Yes

    Do you have somebody reputable that is vouching for you?: Regulars and Previous Mod/Admins

    Other: Previously had JB experience on Kiblosion JailBreak Server as a Mod. I have been on the servers enough to learn the new/different rules on this JB server. Fully capable in enforcing these rules and following them.
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  2. BatSpy

    BatSpy Well-Known Member

    I'm going to have to downvote this one, I don't ever see you, and you don't seem to have too much hours logged here.

    No hard feelings.
  3. luisre1216
    Anime Lover

    luisre1216 Well-Known Member

    I'm Going To Downvote You I Never See you In severs

    (Edit)I Saw You Play On The Sever You Are A Good Rule Follower Respectful And Fun To Play With Just Play A little Bit Longer.
    Marked As Potential

    Last edited: Jan 29, 2017
  4. DJ Prodigy

    DJ Prodigy Well-Known Member Former Staff

    nows not a time withinthecode.
  5. luisre1216
    Anime Lover

    luisre1216 Well-Known Member

    Wing Probably Not Gonna Accept Another Mod Or Admin Is Some time
  6. WBiddy

    WBiddy Wanna be survivalists Former Staff

    What Dj said ...
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  7. Awaken My Love!
    Dr Pepper Addict

    Awaken My Love! Well-Known Member

    But doesn't everyone deserve an eighteenth chance?
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  8. WBiddy

    WBiddy Wanna be survivalists Former Staff

    OMFG why just why
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  9. Typical Femenazi
    Eat Me

    Typical Femenazi Can't Stop

    Although many go against him, he has shown to be a great and fun warden in game. However, im not sure about his knowledge of the server rules. Marked as potential.
  10. adonaimulamba

    adonaimulamba Well-Known Member

    Um i do not support because you do a banned activities salty spitoon and i have to agree for dj and wbiddy about that
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  11. Valias

    Valias The Special Jailbreak Wizard! Former Staff

    Salty spitoon isnt banned (less they changed it) 3 or more blues have to vote for the game
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  12. Nightly

    Nightly zoapthedev Former Staff

    WithinTheMainCode is an extremely good player, warden, and rule follower.

    My advice to you is to just play a little more and extend said playtime throughout the servers, I will be giving you a potential vote for now, keep it up.

    Thank you for applying.
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  13. regnam

    regnam yeah its me Staff Member JailBreak Admin Sr. JailBreak Trainer

    Denied to lack of support and bumping. Feel free to reapply again.
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