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Discussion in 'Open Positions' started by wing, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. wing

    wing Administrator Staff Member Owner

    We are currently looking for a Xenforo Forum Administrator for this forum.

    If you have experience with Xenforo within the aspect of administration please contact wing @ support@IdleServer.Com to discuss details.

    We would like to request that those who contact us for this position already be trained if you would like to be considered.
  2. DarkTigre32

    DarkTigre32 ServerModerator Staff Member Server Moderator

    I mean, if your desperate. (not saying you are) I'm interested. I need some training though, if that's not a problem. I tried out the demo and I'm quite interested.
  3. corbie1

    corbie1 One Poster

    My Name is corbie1 From Steam
    And im looking forward to be a admin on the JailServer #2
    im am Useally warden i am a talker on each server and i am on teamfortress on almost everyday
    i have made alot of friends from being warden and i am not scared to talk on a mic and i give people chances and i teach
    them how to be warden and theres alot of people on blue who team kill and i think i can help. Sometimes there is no one on blue that has a mic and there is a limit to the blue team and it wont let me join.
    Hopefully i get this opportunity
    Thank You,
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  4. DarkTigre32

    DarkTigre32 ServerModerator Staff Member Server Moderator

    Wrong format and wrong area to post lol.
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  5. the_butter_paladin

    the_butter_paladin Well-Known Member

    Again wrong area wrong format :/
  6. TheWillAffect

    TheWillAffect Well-Known Member Former Staff

    I've worked with Xenforo since I started gaming in minecraft. I've gotten to be fairly good with it (Although it's been a while). So. Yea, if I sound good lemme know. I'll send ya a thing on that link when I'm not so tired lel.
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